When you have to choose a dare, embark on some experimental adventures to the remote treks in Nepal. Believe me, you’ll pile the best memories ever.

Some people say that remote trekking in Nepal means experiencing the hardest trek in Nepal. But I’d say you’ll not have more amazing wilderness trekking experiences than these. Remote areas in Nepal are the places that are untouched by modernization and developments. These places are amazingly beautiful with local traditions and culture.

Restricted regions are the regions that are strictly controlled by local or governmental authorities. There are certain rules and regulations that you should follow while trekking in the restricted regions. Also, you have to get a special permit called the restricted area permit to go trekking to those areas.

Remote areas trekking in Nepal is possible in the extraordinary trekking trails with amazing traditional lifestyles. The remote trekking trail Nepal preserves the secrets of amazing Himalayas, tranquil lakes, hidden valleys, mighty glaciers, Buddhist monasteries, incredible biodiversity, and distinctive culture.

Witness the arrays of glistening Himalayan peaks, unique human civilization, deep gorges, and the less-trodden trekking trails.

Some of the remote area trekking in Nepal are Kanchenjunga, Dolpo, Rambrong Danda, Mustang, Nar Phu valley, Tarap Valley, Tsum Valley Trek, Mount Api Saipal, and others.

Most of the remote treks are camp treks. Due to the remoteness of the trails, there are no teahouses where you can stay. So, you should do a camp trekking: you’ll have a tent kitchen and will be accommodating in your tents.

No easy roads, no buses, no teahouses or hotels, yet, the places are jewels of nature. Trust me, you’ll have a remarkable and the most exciting memory trekking in remote areas in Nepal. Are you ready to experience something that is uniquely different? Well, you should be. The amazing trekking trails in Nepal are ever ready to welcome you.