manaslu trek packing list

Before starting your trek you should know about the necessary things that should be brought along while going on a trek.

You might be planning to go trekking in the exotic parts of Manaslu. Then the Manaslu Trek Packing List brought to you by Radiant Treks will be helpful in giving you brief information on what things you can add on your travel checklist.

This list includes essential supplies and equipment necessary for the Manaslu trek. You will be reaching altitudes above 4000 m so you need to carry things that are important as you climb in higher elevation.

Planning ahead about what to take on this trek is important. Because you might fill your bags with items that might not be necessary. Leaving not much space for equipment that must be brought along in the trek.

Manaslu Trek Packing List includes selecting and bringing the right attire for the trek according to the climatic condition. As the temperature might be hot in the lower region but can be very chilly in the higher region.

We have made this list to make sure you have added all the necessary items on your backpacks. If you like then you can adjust the list but remember to make your backpacks as light as you can. So it does not hamper with your trekking experience.

Many trekkers complain that if they knew what to bring in advance they would not have brought extra stuff with them. Thus our Manaslu Trek Packing List helps you out in this sector.

What to Pack for Manaslu Circuit Trek ?

Usually, you will be starting your trek from an altitude of 710 m that takes you up to an altitude of 5213 m above sea level. As you climb higher in the elevation the temperature and pressure change. So, various types of trekking equipment and gear will be needed to complete this with ease.

The hardest decision will be selecting the right choice of clothes to bring in this trek. As it can be hot and humid in low altitude but get colder as you reach high altitudes.

Thus we made the Manaslu Trek Packing List that recommends you a list of items you can bring along in this trek.

Clothing for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Trekkers are mostly confused about what clothing would be a perfect choice to carry during their trek. There are various clothing they would prefer but some of them might not be useful for this trek. Some recommendations are as follows:



You should not estimate the sun at a higher altitude as it is quite strong over there. So carrying a Sunhat will protect your face and scalp from being damaged. Make sure it is light and easy to carry around.


While trekking in higher elevation the UV radiation is high there, so it can affect your eyes as well as skin. Thus to protect your eyes you can carry dark shade UV protection sunglasses.


Trekkings usually last more than one week and you will be walking under the sun for most of the part. So to prevent sunburn you can use sunscreen having high SPF.

Warm Hat

The nights are chilly and cold so it is necessary to carry a heat retention hat to wear for the night time. You should keep your head warm while sleeping.


Buff is a multipurpose stretchy material that can be worn in multiple ways. Such as headband, mask, neck gaiter, and many more. This is a very useful fabric that helps to keep your neck warm and cover your lips to prevent it from drying.

Inner Bodywear


In this trek, you will be spending about 2 to 3 weeks in the Manaslu region. So it is recommended you carry moisture-wicking underwear that is comfortable to wear. You wouldn’t want itchiness, odor or discomfort.

Sports bra

Instead of hook bras, it is recommended for ladies to carry and wear a sports bra. As they are comfortable and eases your movement. You don’t want any uncomfortable situation on your trek.

Outer Bodywear

The weather is unpredictable in the high region so you can go through different seasons in a day. Basically you will be wearing three layers of clothing according to your cold handling capacity. If you are a cold feeling person you can carry an extra outer jacket.

Base Layer

Base Layer is the initial layer of clothes that you wear before trekking in higher altitudes. These clothes should be comfy and trap heat to keep your body warm. As they are the closest wear to your body.

While selecting the base layer you should select clothing that is able to absorb sweat pretty fast. And does not allow wind to enter inside your body.

Second Layer

The second layer consists of trekking t-shirts both long or short-sleeved as you will be wearing it on top of the base layer. While bringing t-shirts you have to keep in mind that they are light, comfortable, and can dry quickly. You can pack up to 4 t-shirts as it will be your daily wear.

Fleece Jacket

Fleece jackets are made up of soft fabric and are lightweight. They help in keeping your body warm. When you wear this under your outer jacket you won’t be able to feel the cold.

Outer Jacket

Outer Jackets are the top layer of clothing that helps to stop the wind. While buying this jacket we recommend you check whether they are waterproof and windproof. Down jackets are a great choice for outer layers.

Rain Jackets

If you are traveling during the months between June to August then carrying a rain jacket is a must. As, during these months, there are heavy rain showers in the lower region. It is the season of Monsoon so buy good quality raincoats and bag covers.

Trousers and Shorts

The lower region is usually hot so you need to carry hiking shorts for this region. But it gets cold and windy in the high region so hiking trousers are recommended while making the ascends.

Hand Wear

Inner Gloves

Inner gloves are the base gloves that you will be wearing under the insulating gloves. These are thermal gloves that are light in weight and keep your hands warm. It is usually made up of the fleece material and makes doing minutes work easy.

Outer Gloves

Outer glove’s job is similar to outer jackets as they protect your hand from cold, wind, and snow. They help keep your hands warm and are waterproof and windproof.


Hiking Socks

Hiking socks are recommended to keep your leg and foot warm throughout the trek. While buying them check whether they are sweat absorbent to prevent smelly feet.

Thermal Socks

The nights are colder at higher altitude so thermal socks are recommended to keep your feet warm during the night. Also, you might want to change into a fresh pair after the long day walk.

Hiking Boots

Choosing a hiking boot is one of the important and difficult tasks. As you will be wearing the boot throughout the trek. So it should be comfortable and warm while walking and waterproof as well.

While selecting the boot you should look for high-quality boots with ankle support. And it should be the right size in your feet cause you would not want blisters on your foot.

Trekking Sandals

After a long day walk, your feet might be cramped in those hiking boots. So, you can carry comfortable trekking sandals to wear while exploring the areas you will be staying for the day.


If you are planning to trek during the monsoon and winter season then you should carry gaiters to wear outside your boot. It helps to keep them dry from inside and protect them from mud and leeches.

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Duffle Bag

If you are traveling along with a porter then this is a better choice to carry on the trek. As it is easier to pack and unpack things and can adjust many items.


If you are traveling without a porter than a backpack is a great choice. As it is easier and comfortable to carry in a trek. While buying them choose a high-quality backpack with long durability.


If you are planning to hire a porter daypack is mus. As the bags carried by porters will be received directly at the end of the day. So you can carry items that are necessary for you during the day time. Such as water bottles, cameras, documents, etc.

Backpack Cover

While traveling during the wet season it will be quite helpful to keep your bag dry and clean. You should try the cover with your bags filled to check whether it fits or not.

Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping Bags

While trekking it is compulsory to carry a sleeping bag along with you. As it helps to warm up your body faster than the blankets. And also a plus point if you are not satisfied with the accommodation provided in the tea houses.

While selecting the sleeping bag look for bags that are easy to bring along the trek.

Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liner helps in adding warmth while staying in high altitudes. Also, they are easy to clean and can dry fast.

Trekking Supplies

Trekking poles

While going on a long trek in high altitudes trekking poles are an important item to be carried along. It takes the burden off your knees and can be very helpful while climbing down.


This comes in handy while walking during night time when you have to start your journey early. It is very easy to use and does not require an extra hand.


These are small spikes that help to make your trek easy while walking in snow. They are situated at the foot of your shoes. They are lightweight and perfect for light packers.

Water Bottle

Water bottles are very essential in this trek as you need to keep your body hydrated throughout the journey. You might find the price of water quite expensive higher up. So if you carry a water bottle you can refill them in the tea houses you will be staying in.

Manaslu - Tsum Valley Trek



You will be trekking and viewing many beautiful scenarios. So we don’t need to remind you about carrying a good quality camera. As it will be necessary to capture these wonderful moments.

Solar Charger

While carrying gadgets it is essential to carry a power bank along with you. As the battery can drain pretty fast so you will be needing backup power.

Note: Extra charge will be applied for electricity in tea houses.



You have to carry your passport along with you on the entire trek. Don’t give it to anyone or leave it at tea houses for keepsake. Also, make a photocopy of your documents in advance so it might be handy on the trek.


Before starting your trek get yourself insurance for Manaslu trek from your country. Making insurance is a huge safety measure that covers emergency rescue and evacuation.

Medical Kit

First Aid Kit

You always need to carry an updated first aid kit while going on a trek. It should have things such as painkillers, band-aids, and many more that are necessary while climbing in high elevation.

Water Purification tablets

Always carry water purification tablets as it can be handy when there is no proper source of drinking water. It helps prevent water contaminations.



While buying towels always choose the ones that are quick to dry. A wet towel can stink after being kept a whole day inside the bag. Also, keep in mind the towel should be light to carry.

Wet wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Wet wipes are really helpful when you make travel to places with limited water supply. And hand sanitizer is the quickest way to disinfect your hands.

Lip Balm

It helps to keep your lips moisturized as it can easily be dry due to wind and sun. Carry a good quality balm while going on the trek.


Carry your daily needs such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, multipurpose soap, etc.

Toilet rolls

Always carry toilet rolls as there are fewer chances of having toilets in the trails.

About the Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek is a new trekking destination that is rapidly gaining popularity in the trekking world. The trek routes of this region are considered one of the best treks in Nepal.

On this trek, you will be walking through off-beaten roads and remote areas that take you around the magnificent Mount Manaslu.

Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world with a height of 8163 m above sea level. It is located in the northern part of the Himalaya range in the Gorkha District.

Being a part of Mansiri Himal in the west-central part of Nepal it is the highest peak of the Gorkha district. It is located 64 km away on the east side of Annapurna.

Mount Manaslu is located in the Manaslu Conservation Area which was established in the year 1997. But was declared under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act in the year 1998.

This region is also famous for offering many options for trekking. Among them, Manaslu Circuit Trek is quite popular within the trekkers.

The route leads you through trials of dense forests viewing magnificent mountains and beautiful landscapes. Along the way, you also get to experience the rich culture and tradition of diverse communities.

However, this route has fewer numbers of people compared to other trekking routes. As the government opened the routes for trekking only in the year 1991.

To walk the routes and explore the Manaslu region you need to travel with a group of two people along with an experienced registered guide. And carry permits that are compulsory to complete this trek.

On this trail, you get to sight many magnificent mountains such as Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Gyaji Kang, Annapurna II, and many more.

You can also see different wildlife reserves that live in high Himalayas such as Mountain goat, Blue Sheep, snow leopard, etc. And the forest paths filled with vegetation of Rhododendron, pines, oaks, etc.

Few years before there was no accommodation on these routes so people used to camp in the way for the night. But nowadays, the number of tea houses has increased so you can spend the night in a warm cozy room.

Larkya La pass is the highest point of this trek that is situated at an altitude of 5160 m above sea level.

As you climb higher in elevation the climatic conditions may vary. So, the Manaslu Trek Packing List helps you know what items could be useful when brought along in this trek.

Manaslu Trek usually takes about two to three weeks off your busy schedule. That takes you on an amazing journey creating many beautiful memories that will remain for your lifetime.

Which Route to do we Follow?

Kathmandu- Soti Khola via Arughat- Machha Khola- Jagat- Deng- Namrung- Lho-Sama Gaun- Manaslu Base Camp- Sama Gaun- Samdo- Dharamsala- Bhimthan via Larkya La Pass- Tilje- Jagat- Kathmandu

Summary of Manaslu Trek Route

Arriving at Kathmandu you will be picked up from the airport and dropped off at your hotel. After checking in you have the rest of the day for yourself.

The next day you will roam around the city and visit many UNESCO Heritage sites. After touring, you return back to your hotel where the guide will give you further detail about the trek. The day is spent sightseeing and preparing for the trek.

The next day, you leave the busy city of Kathmandu and head towards Soti Khola via Arughat viewing beautiful scenic sights throughout the way. You will also see many settlements and barren lands too.

Taking the bumpy roads you head towards your destination. As you look out your window you see the mesmerizing view of various snowy peaks. Reaching Soti Khola you stay there for the night.

From Soti Khola you head towards Jagat the following day situated at an altitude of 1410 m. After that, you trek to Deng from there where you spend the night in one of the lodges.

Then heading out from there you trek till Namrung viewing the beautiful Budhi Gandaki Gorge and stunning mountain peaks. From Namrung you head towards Lho walking past many large fields and houses made of stone.

Following day you trek till Sama Gaun, a beautiful village situated at an altitude of 3530 m. You will have your rest day in this village to adjust your body with the climate in higher up.

On your acclimatization, you will hike till the Manaslu Base Camp and spend some time there before returning back.

You then head on to Samdo which is a few hours walk from Sama Gaun. You will be walking steep trails before reaching there. You call it a night in one of the lodges and head towards Dharamsala the next day.

On your way to Dharamsala, you will cross small streams and walk along the side of Larke Kola. Then making a short climb in the trails reach your destination.

From Dharamsala, you will be heading towards Bhimthang via Larkya La Pass. This pass is the highest point of this trek that lies in an altitude of 5213 m above sea level.

Reaching the Pass you get to see the spectacular view of various mountains. Then make many steep descend before arriving at Bhimthang.

After that, you trek to Tilje from where you head towards Jagat which will be the last day in this region.

After a wonderful night, you head back to Kathmandu with beautiful memories created with our Radiant Treks team member.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Explore the once restricted paths of Manaslu region
  • Reach Larkya La Pass
  • Climb elevation above 4000 m
  • Experience the rich ethnic culture and tradition
  • View various mountain peaks

The Final Say

We the members of Radian Treks made this Manaslu trekking pack list with the hopes that it will be handy for you while making your checklist for the Manaslu Trek.

We have included things that are essential in this trek. But if you like to adjust the list you can as these are just some recommendations to help you decide what items you can bring along in this trek.