Manaslu - Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu has been a natural treasure and a place of interest for centuries now. Travelers are completely swept away by the natural sublimity and charm of the mountain. Many hikers have made repeated attempts to climb the snow peak and relish incredible scenes in an aftereffect.

Many hard-core trekkers have been flocking to the Manaslu region to ascend the summit in recent years. But, with the insane challenges that come along the way to the acme, trekking Manaslu is really hard.

The best bit of the entire expedition is a wonderful view of sweeping landscapes, sheer glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. Manaslu treats its visitors to the spectacular sights of Himalchuli, Lampo, Nagdi Chuli, and Saula.

Manaslu is one of the few mountains that is brutal with long ridges, rugged trails, and steep glaciers that can only be ascended using a fixed-line and ice axe. It rises steeply from the base camp, carving its way through deep crevasse and glaciers.

Hence, mountaineers have to be extra cautious while climbing the snow peak. Altitude sickness and harsh weather is a huge challenge that trekkers have to defy to make it to the crest.

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About Mount Manaslu

With overwhelming mountain ranges, glacial valleys, and steep ridges, Manaslu is a prime appeal for mountaineers. It’s the most mysterious mountain out there with unforeseeable challenges that can’t be predetermined.

The world’s eighth-highest mountain is incessantly drawing people’s attention with its natural splendor and sublimity. But, trekking Manaslu is quite nerve-wracking and difficult, with massive icefalls and

Known as the mountain of spirit, Manaslu is perched in the high subrange of the Himalayas at 26,759 ft high. It’s 40 miles away on the east of Annapurna and scrambles through the hills and valleys before winding up at the base camp.

The 8,163 meters climb to Manaslu begins with a drive and a trek to Machha Khola. It’s easy for trekkers to navigate the trails beneath the highlands, passing through remote settlements and lower slopes.

But once reached the base camp, the trek gets incredibly difficult with narrow gully and sharp climbs. There are rocks and boulders on the way to the campsite, which is tiring and requires great physical stamina.

The trail from base camp to Camp I has the most demanding ascent with a crevassed glacier. Sherpas train climbers before ascending the tracks to prevent acute mountain sickness.

The path to Mt. Manaslu has several campsites which run through 200-foot ice cliffs and chasms. Since the atmospheric pressure gradually declines with each increase in altitude, mountaineers are implied to acclimatize while climbing to the mountain.

Upon reaching the summit, climbers will witness the panorama of Nagadi Chuli, Budha, and Himalchuli. They’ll even catch a glimpse of breathtaking landscapes and towering rock hills covered in snow.

Shortly after the sightseeing, trekkers will descend the trail to base camp and make their way to the valley. They’ll climb down the hills beside the glacial moraine and walk through Larkya La Pass to arrive at Dharapani.