How Long is the Manaslu Trek

Before making plans to trek in the Manaslu region, people usually query how long the Manaslu Trek is. The trekking days can expand or shrink according to your schedule, so we can’t say this much time.

However, you can complete the Manaslu trek within a 10 to 21 days period. If we are to recommend, it is better to choose longer days because it allows you to visit and explore more places.

Manaslu region gives you a chance to trek in the exotic routes and experience its new and rich culture. The trekking days are longer for the Manaslu trek, which can last for about 21 days.

Most agencies provide a standard 14 Days Manaslu Trek itinerary that offers mediocre acclimatization and comfort. But choosing a short or long itinerary is up to you.

You can select the 21 Days Manaslu with Tsum valley trek in which two treks are combined. Or a 10 Days short Manaslu trek that lets you explore the lower parts of Manalsu.

However, if you mean distance when asking how long is the Manaslu trek then the total length of this circuit is 177 km/ 110 miles. But the numbers can vary according to your starting point. People usually begin from Arughat or Soti Khola.

Manaslu - Tsum Valley Trek

Where is Manaslu Trek Situated?

Manaslu Circuit Trek lies inside the Manaslu Conservation Area in the west-central part of Nepal. This trek circles around the magnificent Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest peak.

As it is a part of the conservation area, you need to purchase entry permits to complete the trek. There are a total of 3 passes you should buy if you want to enter this region.

The routes of the Manaslu region were closed for trekkers before the 1990s. But the government of Nepal opened the doors for trekking only in 1992, adding it to the group of recently opened treks in Nepal.

The trail leads you through the ancient salt-trading route along the steep Budhi Gandaki river. The Manaslu Conservation Area Project protects the area of Manaslu.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek usually begins from Arughat or Soti Khola and ends in Besisahar. In between these trials, you go through six different climatic zones from alpine to arctic.

Until a few years back, trekkers used to camp on these trails, but you can stay nights comfortably with the recent increase in tea-houses. Slowly the tracks are developing and increasing the flow of trekkers and climbers.

Reasons to do Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Less busy trails with full privacy
  • Reach one of the challenging passes
  • Attractive view of the Himalayan ranges
  • Visit and walk in one of the famous remote area trails
  • The region offers several freshwater lakes above 3500 m altitude
  • Manaslu region has many side treks and destination you can visit during acclimatization
  • Visit the Manaslu Conservation area that protects several birds, wildfires, and natural resources.

Popular Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trek has several Itineraries ending in different time periods. Some trek ends in 10 days while some in 21 days. Well, you can choose your Manaslu Trek according to your convenient schedule. But among the various choices, we have mentioned the three popular itineraries below:

Short Manaslu Trek – 10 Days

Short Manaslu Trek hikes you through the marvelous serene and natural grandeur around the lower parts of the Manaslu region. If you are wondering how long is the Manaslu Trek, then the answer is about 10 Days in this remoteness.

This short trek gives an insight into the distinctive culture, religion, ecology, and historical place of the Gorkha District. The Manaslu trek offers agro-tourism and community-based homestays.

The Lower Manaslu trek lets you visit various famous historical and pilgrimage tours like Manakamana, Gorkha Durbar, Sita cave, and many more. As you tour around the trails, the breathtaking views of snowy peaks will accompany you.

The 10 Days short Manaslu trek takes you to the Gorkha district, the fourth largest district of Nepal located in the Gandaki zone. Many well-known rivers also follow through this district, such as Chepe, Daraudi, Marsyangdi, Trishuli, and Budi Gandaki.

Our Short Manaslu Trek 10 Days itinerary is a recently introduced average level trek residing at the heart of the country. This trekking region is one of the nearest places to the capital, Kathmandu.

You begin the journey by riding the vehicle from Kathmandu to Kurintar( the cable car station). Then trekkers initially start the trek from Manakamana, one of the important religious sites in Nepal.

From there, the trek route between Manakaman to Gyampesal showcases the historical Gorkha Palace at a small hilltop along with Gorkhali temple and museum.

Another fantastic thing is the view of more than 20 Himalayan peaks from Darche Danda, the highest elevation on this trek. You get to witness Annapurna, Manaslu, Machhapuchhre, Shringi Himal, Ganesh Himal, etc.

On this trek, you walk across the isolated Gurung village, Barpak homes of the army men. Stay in wooden roof houses, view the extraordinary landscape in Laprak village, and visit a memorial park at the Magar village, Bunko.

The Lower Manaslu Trek 10 Days is full of traditional and cultural villages with exciting tourist destinations. This tour is the best way to explore the unparalleled and enriching cultural, historical, and culture sites.

Highlights of Short Manaslu Trek

  • Explore the ancient historical sites such as Gorkha Palace, museum, and many more
  • Visit various major religious sites like Manakamna, Gorakhkali temple, etc
  • Experience the culture and tradition while viewing the arts and craftsmanship closely
  • See the extraordinary view of snowy peaks like Annapurna, Machhpuchhre, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and others.

Short Manaslu Trek 10 days Itinerary.

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar (3 to 3.5 hours) (258 m), then Trek to Ghairung (5 to 6 hours) (1090 m elevation)

Day 2: Trek from Ghairung to Gorkha Bazaar (4 to 5 hours) ( 1000 m elevation)

Day 3: Excursion at Gorkha Bazaar

Day 4: Trek from Gorkha Bazaar to Siran Danda (6 to 7 hours) (1900 m elevation)

Day 5: Trek from Siran Danda to Barpak (7 hours) (2130 m elevation)

Day 6: Trek from Barpak to Laprak (6 to 7 hours) ( 2300 m elevation)

Day 7: Trek from Laprak to Nambai Kharka (4 hours) (2700 m elevation)

Day 8: Trek from Nambai Kharka to Tallo Thotneri via Darche Danda (3200 m) (7 hours) (1658 m elevation)

Day 9: Trek from Tallo Thotneri to Gyampesal (5 to 6 hours) (1110 m Elevation)

Day 10: Drive back to Kathmandu

manaslu trekking permit

Manaslu Circuit Trek- 14 Days

Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days is a stunning journey that walks you around the world’s eighth tallest mountain. This adventurous classic trek takes you to one of the exotic regions of Nepal.

Manaslu region is well known among trekkers but still is not as crowded as its neighboring Annapurna region. The trails of this circuit trek lead you around the Manaslu Conservation area, accompanied by breathtaking views of different peaks.

You circuit on the foothills of Mount Manaslu, an eight thousand peak. This 8000 m giant is surrounded by Annapurna massif in the west and Ganesh Himal in the east.

The route of Manaslu Circuit Trek sees fewer people making the areas untouched and unspoiled. It is physically demanding yet scenically uplifting and enriching with a unique culture.

The trek takes you through the steamy valley with their rice and millet terraces to mighty Budhi Gandaki Gorges, offering impressive waterfalls. You also cross suspension bridges that are in their own league of length and height.

During the yearly monsoon period, some of the minor bridges wash away, making trekkers use semi-submerged rocks. The trek only opened in 1992, so it still gives the sense of a pioneering expedition.

Manaslu Circuit trek 14 Days slowly winds its way through several exotic villages before reaching Larkya La pass, the highest point. This pass lies next to the Tibetan border, showing an unforgettable, jaw-dropping view of the peaks and landscapes.

The pass lies at 5106 m, so it is mainly covered in snow and is icy; thus, trekkers often use micro crampons while descending. You need to move early in the morning to reach here as it gets windy during the day.

Manaslu Trek 14 Days can be a great alternative to the famous Annapurna Circuit Trek. The Annapurna region is quite near to here, so you can combine these trails.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days

  • Walkthrough enchanting forests of flora and fauna while viewing jaw-dropping view of your surrounding
  • Cross several rivers and streams through suspension bridges
  • Get to know the friendly people and their rich mixed culture of both Nepalese and Tibetan.
  • Spectacular view of Manaslu, Coe Himal, Nemjung, Himlung Himal, Gyaji Kang, Annapurna II, and Kang Guru.
  • The chances of viewing the abundant wildlife such as Mountain Goat, Blue sheep, Pika, snow leopard, and Himalayan Marmots.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (700 m elevation) (9 to 10 hours)

Day 2: Trek from Soti Khola to Maccha Khola (930 m elevation) (5 to 6 hours)

Day 3: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat (1340 m elevation) (6 to 7 hours)

Day 4: Trek from Jagat to Pewa (1600 m elevation) (6 hours)

Day 5: Trek from Pewa to Namrung (2630 m elevation) (5 to 6 hours)

Day 6: Trek from Namrung to Lho (2957 m elevation) (4 to 5 hours)

Day 7: Trek from Lho to Sama Gaun (3530 m elevation) (4 hours)

Day 8: Acclimatization Day

Day 9: Trek from Sama Gaun to Samdo (3865 m elevation) (5 hours)

Day 10: Acclimatization Day

Day 11: Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala (4460 m elevation) (5 to 6 hours)

Day 12: Trek from Dharamsala to Bimthang (3590 m elevation) via Larkya La Pass (5106 m elevation) (7 to 8 hours)

Day 13: Trek from Bimthang to Tal (1700 m elevation) (8 hours)

Day 14: Drive from Tal to Kathmandu (1400 m) (9 to 10 hours)

Lower Manaslu trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley- 21 Days

Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum valley is a 21 Days tea house trip that takes hikers close to Mount Manaslu and the Hidden valley of Tsum. Manaslu Mountain is the world’s eighth tallest peak at 8163 m altitude, making the trip more exciting.

The Manaslu trekking routes only opened during the early 1990s, while the Tsum valley trail opened much later. So, the trek feels more like an exploratory trek in the off-beaten routes with lesser crowds.

Each day you walk an average length of 7 hours, making the trek demanding with a requirement of high fitness level. Also, the Tsum valley section has an altitude above 3000 m, and trekkers have to cross Larkya La pass.

The trek brings you across several jaw-dropping views of nature, such as thundering waterfalls, turquoise water rivers, beautiful mountains, and many more.

You will be trekking through rugged rocky trails clinging to cliff faces, Gurung villages, terraces of rice and millet, etc. You also get to view the religious significance mainly on the routes of Tsum valley, such as mani walls, chortens, a Buddhist shrine, and several other things.

Tsum valley is known as a hidden village whose culture, people, and landscapes are closely related to Tibet. In fact, the trek takes you very close to the Tibetan border.

In the Tsum valley section, you will meet several Buddhist monks and nuns devoted to their religion and visit Milarepa’s cave. Now that you are in this beautiful village, do not forget to look out for the beautiful mountain bird Lophophorus.

Also, the company of the Himalaya ranges, icefalls, frozen lakes, and glacier keeps you on your feet. The peaks seen on these trails are Hiunchuli, Simrang, Ganesh Himal, Hiunchuli, Manalsu, Choe Himal, Kangguru, and Annapurna II.

Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum valley is mostly for trekkers who love to see the changing landscapes and experience different cultures.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley 21 Days

  • Explore the less-visited region of Nepal
  • Visit the exotic hidden valley of Manaslu
  • Trek close to the Tibetan border on the northern side
  • Let’s you insight into the antique monasteries, gompas, monasteries, etc
  • An opportunity to witness the 360 degrees view for several peaks.

Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley 21 day itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu to Soti Khola (7 to 8 hours drive) (1350 m elevation)

Day 2: Soti Khola to Machha Khola (930 m elevation) (6 hours)

Day 3: Machha Khola to Jagat ( 1340 m elevation) (7 hours)

Day 4: Jagat to Lokpa (2240 m elevation) (6 hours)

Day 5: Lokpa to Dumje (2385 m elevation) (7 hours)

Day 6: Dumje to the Nile- Chule (3361 m elevation) (6 hours)

Day 7: Nile- Chule to Mu Gompa (3361 m elevation) (4 hours)

Day 8: Rest Day

Day 9: Mu Gompa to Rachen Gompa (3240 m elevation) (6 hours)

Day 10: Rachen Gompa to Chumling (2386 m elevation) (7 to 8 hours)

Day 11: Chumling to Deng (1880 m elevation) (5 hours)

Day 12: Deng to Namrung (2630 m elevation) (6 to 7 hours)

Day 13: Namrung to Lho (2957 m elevation) (7 hours)

Day 14: Lho to Sama Gaun (3530 m elevation) (4 hours)

Day 15: Rest Day

Day 16: Sama Gaun to Samdo (3865 m elevation) (5 hours)

Day 17: Samdo to Dharamsala (4460 m elevation) (6 hours)

Day 18: Dharamsala- Larkya La Pass (5106 m elevation) – Bimthang (3590 m elevation) (8 to 9 hours)

Day 19: Bimthang to Tilije (1672 m elevation) (8 hours)

Day 20: Tilije to Besisahar (797 m elevation) via Dharapani (1860 m elevation) (7 to 8 hours)

Day 21: Besisahar to Kathmandu (9 hours)

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Final say

We hope we have answered your How long is the Manaslu Trek question. If you are planning to visit Mount Manaslu, then it is better to choose longer days as you get to explore more.

A few days in this region is not enough if you are a nature lover because the unspoiled areas will mesmerize you. So, plan the trek properly before beginning it and enjoy every moment.