Manaslu Trek is undeniably the most bewildering trek in northern Himalaya that puts trekkers in awe-struck. It captures the most incredible view of high mountain ranges and rolling landscapes and glaciers that look exquisite.

The host of the world’s eighth highest mountain offers its visitors an impressive scene of deep valleys, glacial lakes, and clifftops. It also allows them to explore undiscovered places within the Manaslu region and discover local culture and traditions.

Hiking Manaslu typically takes two weeks, but if you need to submit the mountain, then it’ll require almost a month. The trek can extend, subject to the trip length, weather, and unexpected trouble. Hence, trekkers need to plan the budget carefully to not run short of cash during the excursion.

Manaslu Trek can cost hikers anywhere from US$12,00 to about US$2,000 based upon the amenities and duration of the stay. If the facilities are basic, the trek cost wouldn’t be as high as it would for the world-class service.

Manaslu attracts many trekkers, so the rates for lodges and tea houses vary season to season. The Manaslu trek cost for accommodation rises all-time high during prime trekking season and lowers in the off-season.

The price varies due to various factors, including personal expenses, accommodation, and miscellaneous payments. Travel insurance is another element to care about as it impacts the Manaslu trek cost right away. Hikers should forget the amount paid for travel insurance must be enough to cover their medical expenses for emergency conditions.

Clothing and trekking gears also drive the Manaslu trek cost. The right equipment makes the expedition to the summit much easier and safer. Therefore, while buying the essentials, trekkers have to ensure that the gears they’re splashing on.

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Cost of trekking Permits

All the mountaineers trekking Manaslu must have a permit issued by the Nepal tourism board. They must have a valid permit and a local trekking member to travel the forbidden areas. To limit the number of trekkers ascending the mountain, the Permit is now issued in just groups.

Manaslu Restricted Permit

The local Permit for restricted zones in Manaslu costs around US$70 for the first week. As the length of the stay extends, trekkers will be charged US$10 for each additional day in the region. The price shall be applicable if the trekkers mount the summit between September and November.

Those who ascend the peak in the off-season will be charged US$50 for TIMS and US$7 for each day after that. Hikers will need at least two weeks for the trek in the Manaslu region, which requires a permit of almost ten days.

It can cost them approximately US$100-US$120, depending on the duration of the trip. However, sometimes due to poor weather and a combination of factors, the trek might extend, so we recommend the hikers to be well-prepared.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit

Entry to the Manaslu Conservation Area costs US$23 per person.

Tsum Valley Area restricted Permit

To trek Tsum Valley, hikers need a TIMS permit that costs USD35 a week per person.

Transportation cost

It may be famous for its unique landscapes, unreal natural grandeur, and splendid view, but trekking Manaslu is not easier. There are still many undiscovered in the region that’s only accessed by foot. Nestled 74 miles away from Kathmandu, Manaslu trek has many off-the-beaten-paths and

The journey to Manaslu begins with an off-road drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. Visitors can take a local bus or enjoy a private ride to the village. They also have an option to lease a jeep from Arughat to Soti Khola.

Sprawled 57.3 miles, Arughat is a stunning village in Gorkha that offers a majestic view of glistening snow peaks and waterfalls. The drive distance from Kathmandu to Arughat is 86 miles, which costs anywhere from USD9 to USD12.

The cost of riding a private jeep to Arughat ranges from US$150 to USD200. If you intend to ride the commuter up to Soti Khola, then the price can rise to US$250. Some trekkers even take a bus ride from Besisahar for the same amount.

Many private jeeps run between Tal and Besisahar to pick up and drop the travelers. Hikers can take a direct bus to Arughat from Kathmandu, which leaves early in the morning.


Finding accommodation in Manaslu is not as difficult as it’s in the remote Himalayas. There are many standard accommodations that trekkers can lease to stay the night. Hence, the choices must be made carefully as its immediate impact is seen on Manaslu Trek’s cost.

Accommodation during Manasu Trek comes in varied options. Trekkers can choose between lodges, tea houses, and homestays, whichever is convenient for them. However, when ascended to a higher altitude, the choice becomes limited with barely any settlements.

Tea houses seem to be the initial choice of most trekkers on the Manaslu trek as they are affordable and comfy with spacious rooms. They can lease a single room or double with an en-suite that costs US$6 to US$9 per night.

If you’re planning to rent a single room with double beds, then be prepared to pay for the number of two people. Many trekkers make advance booking of lodges and guesthouses to prevent the chances of running out of rooms.

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Food and drinks

Food and drinks in Manaslu are relatively pricey than those in Kathmandu as there’s a limited supply of goods. People have to rely on the local products and ingredients due to the lack of transportation facilities.

Snacks and drinks cost higher since they have to be transported from the nearest town or as far as Kathmandu. The foods served during the trek are normally typical Nepali dishes that cost US$3 to US$5.

The meals are usually expensive at higher altitudes as there are only a few tea houses. Tea houses charge USD1.5 to USD2 for a cup of tea and US$2 to US$4 for coffee. Other dishes on the menu, including flatbread and curry, vegetable noodle soup, and dumplings, come in around US$3 to US$5.

Guides and Porters

Many trekking routes in Nepal are jagged and bumpy with rough rides. In that regard, the Manaslu trek is no different, given rough terrain with bedrocks and boulders. Most of the secluded area has steep hills, which are highly challenging and tiring to navigate.

The unavailability of transportation makes the trek even more demanding and grueling. In such situations, trekking with a porter and a pro guide is the right decision. It will make the journey to the summit a lot easier and more relaxing.

I would recommend you hire a qualified local guide and have a better understanding of the course. It’s to be ensured that the guide can communicate well and live up to the expectation.

Hiring a guide in Manaslu isn’t as expensive as most people assume. It’ll roughly cost a trekker about US$20 to US$25 per day for the tour guide. The fare covers the cost of food, accommodation, and travel insurance of the guide.


If you’re not trekking with the guide, the other best option is to be accompanied by a porter. It’s less costly to hire a porter as compared to a trekking guide, levying between US$18 and US$22. It too includes the cost of accommodation, food, and travel insurance. The perk of choosing a porter is a free guide while getting the baggage carried for you.

Travel Insurance

Another expenditure that affects Manaslu trek cost is travel insurance, which seems to be a prerequisite. Trekkers are recommended to buy travel insurance to protect themselves from heavy losses. In general, travel insurance is likely to cost hikers from US$250-300, depending on the variables.

Travel insurance covers the expense of medical emergencies and protects hikers from unfortunate loss, including theft and loss caused by delays in the trek. It even helps them avoid the extra cost incurred due to last-minute trip cancellations.

Many companies are willing to help mountaineers with travel insurance in Nepal. They make your investment worth it and ensure that it compensates for your losses, if there are any.

Clothing and Equipment

Climbing Manaslu takes hikers all the way up at 26,700 ft elevation, passing through steep hills and valleys. It walks the trail with rocks, cliffs, and sheer glaciers, requiring climbers several trekking gears and apparel.

For that, the climbers have to set up a budget for clothing and equipment that sees an immense amount of increase in Manaslu trek cost. Trekking equipment may include sleeping bags, hiking poles, a first-aid kit, and a daypack, which may cost from US$15,000 to US$30,000.

If you’re hiking in winter, then crampons with sturdy camp boots, fleece jackets, and winter gloves are a must. Remember that the clothing and trekking equipment you buy must be suitable and according to the season you’re doing the trek.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from the significant expenses, there are many other costs that hikers have to bear during the trek. Although these expenditures seem negligible, they seemingly add to the budget and increase Manaslu trek cost.

Miscellaneous expenses include electricity bills for charging gadgets and batteries, using hot water for showers, and drinking purposes. As there are many religious landmarks and Tibetan monasteries in the region, trekkers must expect to incur the cost of entry fees.

They may need some extra bucks to pay tips to guides and porters. There’s no fixed amount for the reward as it depends on how much the trekker is willing to spend. This can be a nice gesture from the side of trekkers and a way to appreciate their hard work.

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Final Say

Manaslu Trek is the most adventurous and happening trek in Nepal. It’s a fabulous trip to the Himalayas, which brings the best of the region. Manaslu trek offers visitors a picturesque backdrop with astonishing views of Himalchuli, Baudha, and Ngadi.

The breathtaking scenery and landscapes make the trek worth it and reimburse the expenses. It won’t disappoint the hikers and the big bucks they paid for the expedition. As there are many trek destinations within the Manaslu Conservation Area, the cost of the trip hinges on which destination you’re wayfaring.

Manaslu trek cost is affected by a set of factors, including travel insurance, accommodation, and food. The price also depends on the season trekkers are touring the region and the travel agency they have booked the trip.

Often it’s the transportation expenses, meals, and luxury services that cause a rise in Manaslu trek costs. In addition to renting a vehicle, trekkers also have to book rooms during their stay in the city, which results in a price increase.

The amount paid for the Manaslu trek cost covers the expenses for guides, porters, drinks, and trekking permits. However, it doesn’t foot the bill of personal expenses like souvenirs, international airfare, and drinks in Kathmandu.

The fee to visit any religious and historic landmarks, which are not listed in the trip, must be paid by the trekker themself. The last-minute hotel reservations and tea houses will cost a fortune to hikers. Therefore, they must spend the amount carefully and plan the trip ahead of the trek.