Manaslu circuit Trek

Nepal has always fascinated hikers with its imposing mountain ranges, alpine glacier, rift valleys, and serene lakes. They are captivated by its distinct topographies, imposing cliffs, and rich flora and fauna. As a result, many trekkers flock to the Himalayas and put up with the rugged lanes to live the adventure.

One of the most popular trekking destinations in the northern Himalaya, Manaslu hosts an incredible number of hikers throughout the year. Travelers from wide across traverse the meandering trail with high and lows to capture the beauty of Manaslu.

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In addition, they’ll get to see the dazzling Lamjung Himal, Phungi, and Ponker mountain. Trekking in Manaslu region will never get old with all the epic lanes, cascading waterfalls, and rolling hills. The hike is exhilarating, following major attractions like primordial Tibetan monasteries, Mani walls, and remote villages.

Trekking in Manaslu region is intriguing, with sky-scraping mountains, hanging glaciers, and ice cliffs. But, what makes it more riveting is that the hikers get an option to travel a bunch of scenic spots.

A lot of trekking in Manaslu region begins with a drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola, which comes with breathtaking scenery. The trail makes its way through wild forests, steep ridges, and villages to arrive at the destination.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Trekking in Nepal in November Manaslu Circuit Trek

Many trek destinations within the Manaslu Conservation area are as pretty as a picture and otherworldly. They seem overwhelming with spectacular scenes at the backdrop and historical sites. Still and all, it’s the backpacking to Manaslu Circuit that enrapture trekkers, providing them with an incredible experience.

Located in west-central Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek is a hike to long ridges and valley glaciers. The trail follows the Tibet-Nepal salt trade route and passes through Gurung villages like Philim and Deng. It even sees trekkers crossing suspension bridges over Budhi Gandaki River and scrambling the path besides deep valleys. The rolling landscapes and lush fields with snow-capped hills makes the section the most exciting Manaslu region trekking.


Day 01: Drive to Soti Khola (815 m); 8-10 hrs

Day 02: Trek to Machha Khola (800m); 6-7 hrs

Day 03: Trek to Jagat (1,370 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 04: Trek to Deng (1,865 m); 5-6 hrs

Day 06: Hike to Namrung (2,360 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Sama Gaun (3,530 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 08: Trek to Samdo (3,875 m); 4 hrs

Day 09: Rest day in Samdo

Day 10: Hike to Dharamsala (4,460 m); 4-5 hrs

Day 11: Trek to Bimthang via Larkya Pass (5,160 m); 7-9 hrs

Day 12: Trek to Dharapani (1,860 m); 4-5 hrs

Day 13: Drive from Dharapani to Kathmandu (1,400 m); 8-9 hrs

Manaslu Circuit Trek starts with a 10-hours drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola, which runs down Dhading Bensi and Arughat. Riding along the lanes to Budhi Gandaki river and crossing the suspension bridge, we arrive at Soti Khola.

En route to the valley, the trip provides a view of staggering Manaslu, Annapurna, and Langtang. Soti Khola, the trailheads for Jagat, has lots of steep walks and suspension bridges to get through.

Manaslu Circuit Trek involves lots of ascending and descending over the rugged terrains and mountainsides. The trail hustles trekkers to pass over remote villages, including Deng and Philim, to reach Namrung.

From the village, it’s an additional 10.9 miles walk to Sama Gaun beside the terrace farm and foothills. Next, we head to Samdo, following a steep ridge and passing nomadic settlements. The journey provides travelers a fantastic view of Simrang, Hiunchuli, and Larkya Peak, along with exquisite landforms.

The closest finish of Manaslu Circuit Trek is Dharamsala at 14,600 ft altitude, from where the trekkers can catch a glimpse of Manaslu and Larkya Glacier. After the sight, the trail descends to Bimthang via Larkya Pass and Dharapani before leaving for Kathmandu.

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek

It may have been hidden from people’s sight in the past, but Tsum Valley Trek is no longer a secret. The hiking trail of Tsum Valley is one of the most walked paths in Manaslu, with trekkers flocking to the region.

Tsum Valley Trek has a moderate hiking path that passes through alpine forests and remote villages to reach the standpoint at about 6,250 ft high. It offers marvelous sights of as many snow peaks as you can glance at, including Ganesh Himal, Sringi, and Boudha Himal.

Hikers of Tsum Valley Trek are also likely to get an insight into the rich culture and lifestyle of people inhabiting the region. However, the climb to Tsum is not the easiest one, with unflagging steep hills and ridges that demand a lot of physical strength. Unpredictable weather and long paths make the expedition a bit challenging for hikers.


Day 01: Drive to Soti Khola (700 m); 7-8 hrs

Day 02: Trek to Machha Khola (800 m); 6 hrs

Day 03: Trek to Jagat (1,345 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 04: Hike to Lokpa (2240 m); 6 hrs

Day 05: Trek to Chumling (2,386 m); 6 hrs

Day 06: Trek to Chekampar (3,031 m); 5-6 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Nile (3,361 m); 5-6 hrs

Day 08: Excursion of Mu Gompa and Dhephyudonma Cave

Day 08: Hike to Chekampar (3,031 meters); 6 hrs

Day 09: Trek to Gumba Lundang (3,200 m); 7-8 hrs

Day 10: Day trip to Ganesh Himal Base Camp (3,200m); 8-9 hrs

Day 11: Trek to Lokpa (2,240m); 5-6 hrs

Day 12: Trek to Jagat (1,340m); 6 hrs

Day 13: Hike to Machha Khola (930m); 6 hrs

Day 14: Trek to Soti Khola (700m); 6hrs

Day 15: Drive to Kathmandu (1,400m); 10 hrs

Tsum Valley Trek is another perfect solo hiking trek in Manaslu that begins with a long ride from Kathmandu. Driving alongside the terrace farm and Budhi Gandaki River, the lane takes travelers to Soti Khola.

The hike to Tsum Valley starts outside of the village, steering rugged hills and passing through Gurung Village. The trail makes trekkers walk steep ridges and cross multiple suspension bridges to arrive at Lokpa.

Trekkers will have to ascend narrow valleys and gorges for access to Chekampar, which offers delightful views. Hike to the Nile, and you’ll come across many Tibetan monasteries and Chortens with colorful prayer flags.

Though only a few miles from Chekampar, the trek to Gumba Lundang is challenging and stressful with an uphill walk. During the trip, visitors will scout Mu Gompa and Dhephyuonma cave before climbing Ganesh Himal Base Camp.

Upon reaching the camp at 3,200 meters, trekkers will witness the raw beauty of Mt. Manaslu and Budhi Gandaki Valley. After the sightseeing is done, the trail descends the hill to Lokpa and comes across Soti Khola before driving back to the city.

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Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek

Another hike that’s knocking spots off with its breathtaking landscapes, glacial lakes, and shimmering snow peaks is Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley. It boasts some of the most incredible sites and monuments in Manaslu that trekkers will be exhilarated to tour.

Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek is a complete trip of Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley, where travelers get to visit scenic spots and witness scintillating mountain ranges. The hidden valleys of Mustang offer historical monuments and religious sites, including primordial Tibetan monasteries and rock caves to explore.

All the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek visitors are rewarded with glimpses of lofty mountains and glaciers. It’s not all, they even get to view Mt. Kangaru, Lamjung Himal, Phungi Himal, and Mt. Manaslu, making trekking in Manaslu region worth it.


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (700 m); 7-8 hrs

Day 02: Trek to Machha Khola (800 m); 6 hrs

Day 03: Trek to Jagat (1,345 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 04: Trek to Lokpa (2240 m); 6 hrs

Day 05: Hike to Chumling (2,386 m); 6-7 hrs

Day 06: Trek to Chekampar (3,031 m) 5-6 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Nile (3,361 m); 7 hrs

Day 08: Excursion day, Hike to Mu Gompa (3,700 m)

Day 09: Hike to Rachen Gumba (3,240 m); 3-4 hrs

Day 10: Trek to Chumling (2,385 m); 7-8 hrs

Day 11: Trek to Deng (1,860m); 4-5 hrs

Day 12: Trek to Namrung (2,360m); 6-7 hrs

Day 13: Hike to Lho (3,180m); 3-4 hrs

Day 14: Trek to Sama Gaun (3,500m); 2-3 hrs

Day 15: Acclimatization day at Sama Gaun

Day 16: Trek to Samdo (3,860m); 2-3 hrs

Day 17: Trek to Dharamsala (4,480m); 2-3 hrs

Day 18: Trek to Bimthang (3,720m) via Larkya Pass (5,213m); 7-9 hrs

Day 19: Hike to Tilije (2,300m); 7-9 hrs

Day 20: Trek to Dharapani, 2-3 hrs Drive to Kathmandu (1,400m); 8-10 hrs

As with most of the trekking in Manaslu region, Tsum Valley Trek also begins with a drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. Its trail is a little further away from the village, heading to Machha Khola through sal forests.

Trekkers will navigate off-the-beaten paths, passing through Budhi Gandaki River valley and many remote settlements, including Lokpa. Scrambling the steep hills and up the valley, the trail arrives at Dumje, where we can watch the panoramic view of mountains.

From Chhokangparo, the track precedes the Nile through Milarepa Cave, where you can spot ancient Tibetan monasteries, stone statues, and idols. At the Nile, we’ll take a short uphill walk to explore Mu Gompa and Dhephyudonma cave.

They are the main attraction of Tsum Valley Trek with decorative paintings and stone sculptures. The site also offers a breathtaking backdrop of shimmering snow peaks and glaciers. After the gorgeous sights, the trail leaves for Chumling, which takes a walk of 7-8 hours from Rachen Gompa.

Descending the hill, it heads to Deng and finally arrives at Namrung. In the following days, we’ll ascend Manaslu foothill and defy rocky paths to reach Dharamsala. In this process, trekkers shall come across many beautiful villages like Sama Gaun and Samdo.

Upon arriving at the viewpoint, trekkers can witness some fabulous scenes with sweeping landscapes and towering mountains. They can also sight snow peaks like Cheo Himal, Ponker mountain, and Kangaroo while approaching Bimthang.

Lower Manaslu Trek

Lower Manaslu trek

With splendid waterfront scenes, historical landmarks, and steep-sided valleys, Lower Manaslu Trek makes the most exhilarating Manaslu region trekking. It offers visitors an astonishing view of glistening snow peaks, towering hills, and lush terrains that keep trekker’s occupied.

Incredibly popular among beginners, the Lower Manaslu Circuit trek is relatively more accessible and can be done in a short time. It has the least rugged trail compared to other hikes, with just a few ups and downs. The endless steep hills may test the patience of hikers, but it also rewards them with impressive sights. Trekking in Manaslu region provides the visitor with a chance to learn about the diverse culture and history of locals residing in lower manaslu.


Day 01: Drive and trek to Ghairung, 3 hrs (1,090m); 4-5 hrs

Day 02: Trek to Gorkha Bazaar (1,000m); 5-6 hrs

Day 03: Rest day in Gorkha Bazaar

Day 04: Trek to Sirandanda (1,900m); 6-7 hrs

Day 05: Trek to Barpak (1,920m); 5-6 hrs

Day 06: Trek to Laprak (2,300m); 5-6 hrs

Day 07: Trek to Nambai Kharka (2,700m); 4-5 hrs

Day 08: Trek to Tallo Thotneri (3,200m); 6-7 hrs

Day 09: Trek to Ghyampeshaal (1,165m); 5-6 hrs

Day 10: Drive to Kathmandu (1,400m); 3-4 hrs

Day 11: Final departure

Lower Manaslu Trek starts with a scenic hike from Manakamana after driving to Kurintar via Prithvi Highway. Walking the trailhead, travelers get to Gyamshal, which has many iconic places and religious sites such as Kalika Temple.

Trekkers are to spend a day at Gorkha to visit historical sites, including the royal palace and Gorkha museum. They get to travel back in time and learn about the culture and heritage of Nepal. The 10-day trek of Lower Manaslu takes hikers to some incredible places such as Sirandanda, Barapaak, and Lambai Kharka.

The trip provides astounding scenery of towering mountain ranges, wide valleys, and hilltops throughout the journey. Trekkers will be glancing at glistening Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Shringi Himal throughout the entire walk.

After Laprak, the trail heads through the lush meadows and steep-sided valley to Nambai Kharka. The trip includes stops at Tallo Thotneri and Ghyampeshaal while climbing down to the village. From there, we’ll drive to Kathmandu, which lasts almost 5-6 hours and comes with a drop-dead view.

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