How Much Does It Cost to Go to Everest Base Camp?


Everest Base Camp trek is an incredible adventure in the Everest region. Trekkers from all around the world take this spectacular trek every year. EBC trek passing through the challenging high altitude rocky terrains and steep inclines is a once in a lifetime experience. So how much does it cost to go to Everest Base Camp? Read further to know more detailed information.

Trekkers can reach the Base Camp with proper packing, preparation, and budgeting. The travelers should allocate a budget for the EBC trek in advance. This allows trekkers to proceed ahead of the trek without any hassles. Food, accommodation, guide, and porter costs depend upon duration and itinerary of trek whereas visas, permit, travel insurance, are more or less the same for all itineraries.

Moreover, the overall cost of this trek ranges anywhere between USD 1,600 to USD 5,000 per person on an average for a 12-15 day trek. The prices usually include permits, accommodation, meals, and round trip flights from Kathmandu to Lukla. However, visa fees, travel insurance, and others are not included.

But how much does it cost to go to Everest Base Camp? You might wonder. Read further to know more about total cost breakdown and budget allocation for EBC trek in detail.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp Trek 7 Days

Guide and porter costs

Guides are an essential part of the trek. Guides must get hired separately as they are generally not included in booking costs from the trekking agency. The guide cost ranges around USD $600 to $800 for the EBC trek. The guides will ensure your safety on the Everest Base Camp trek.

Porters are also essential as they help you carry your luggage. A porter can carry up to 20 kg of luggage and will cost you around USD $150-$400 for the entire trip. The porters only carry your luggage and will not guide you through the trek.

Besides, you can also hire porter-guides who work both as guides and porters in the region. They will cost you less and will perform the job of both porters and guides.

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Accommodation Costs

The accommodations in the trek are in lodges and tea houses that provide twin beds, a pillow, a clean sheet, and a warm blanket. The bathrooms are generally squat style and shared among fellow trekkers.

Wi-Fi facilities and hot water facilities are available at added costs. You can expect the cost to be around $3-$5 for a single night. In the off-season, most tea houses offer free accommodation on condition that you will have your meal at the same teahouses and pay for meals.

Food Costs

Food On The Everest Base Camp Trek

The food facilities are quite basic during the trek. However, the food is very nutritious and gives you the energy required for the trek. Many hotels or lodges will provide you with various food options including the traditional Nepalese cuisine as well as western dishes.

Standard breakfast costs around $5-$6, including eggs, toasted bread, with a cup of hot tea/coffee. For lunch, a typical Nepali meal of Dal Bhaat consists of rice, dal (pulses), lentils, spinach, pickle, and meat (for an added cost).

The Nepalese meal costs around $6-$7, while the cost may vary if you choose different varieties of dishes. Trekkers can reduce costs significantly if they choose to spend less on meals. The food cost rises as you rise in elevation due to the added transportation cost.

You can get full dinner at $4 at lower altitudes, whereas it will cost you around $8 at a higher region. Hot tea/coffee costs you around $0.5 at low altitudes and $2 at higher altitudes. Besides that, you can carry protein bars and snickers to get completely charged during the trek.

Permits costs

You will need special permits for the EBC trek. Sagarmatha National Park entry permits Cost NRs 100 per person for Nepali citizens and NRs 1500 per person (USD 15 approx) for SAARC nationals. Similarly, Permit Cost for Foreigners is NRs 3000 per person (USD 30 approx).

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality entrance permit cost is the same for all individuals. Every foreigner needs to pay NRs 2000 per person which is approximately USD 20 per person to enter the municipality.

If you are planning on taking the route via Jiri, you will need a Gaurishankar Conservation Area permit. This additional permit will cost you NPR 3000 per person (USD 30 approx).

Travel insurance costs

Everest Base Camp trek comes with its own set of risks and dangers. Factors like weather, climate, and wind can cause difficulties along with rugged terrains. The weather remains unpredictable while trekking in the Himalayan region.

So, you must have proper travel insurance for a high altitude trekking adventure like Everest base camp trek in Nepal. The travel insurance cost depends on the activities you will be involved in. generally, 30-day insurance will cost you around $150 which covers all the requirements for emergencies and evacuations.

Visa Costs

You can get a visa on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport. However, you can also apply for a visa online before arriving in Nepal. The Nepal government issues visas for 15, 30, and 90 days which costs $30, $50, and $125 respectively. You can visit the official website of the Nepal government’s Department of Immigration for more details.

Transportation Costs

Transportation throughout the country is by road on a local bus/microbus. The domestic flights are expensive and are dependent on weather conditions. The local microbus costs around $0.5 -$1 for short-distances and $5-$10 for long-distances. However, the local buses are not in great condition and are generally overcrowded and uncomfortable. So, a privately reserved vehicle is an ideal option.

Flight Ticket Cost

Tenzing Hillart Airport

Lukla is the main gateway to the Everest region as flight lands in the narrow Tenzing Hillary airport in Lukla. The 10 Kg of luggage and 5 kg of hand-carry is the maximum weight limit on their flight to Lukla. You will need to pay $1 extra per kg after 15kg.

The Flight Ticket is a two-way flight route so you don’t have to go book twice. The round trip flight to and from Lukla cost around $360 for foreigners, around INR.18,400 for an Indian and NRS. 10,400 for Nepalese.

Gear and Equipment Costs

The trek requires proper planning and appropriate trekking gears. Standard trekking gear and equipment is ideal for Everest Base Camp trek as there is no technical climbing required for the trek.

Comfortable Trekking clothes and shoes, Warm and fuzzy Sleeping Bag, Trekking poles Poles, 60l Backpack, and toiletries are some of the essential trekking equipment. You can add or remove any items based on your preference. The rough cost of trekking equipment is around US$500 – $1,000.

Cost of the trekking equipment varies according to the number of gears and types. You can get these trekking gear and equipment from Thamel. Alternatively, you can also rent them at around $3-$5 per day.

Tipping costs

Tipping costs are essential while you trek in Nepal. Guides and porters expect you to tip them after a long trekking journey. You can tip around US$150 – $200 for your guides and around US$60 – $80 for your porter after the completion of the trek. However, you can tip based on the services provided and how satisfactory you find them.

Personal Expenses

Personal Expenses like souvenir shopping, eating out and others are part of any trekking adventure. You might also want to try some alcoholic beverages in the evenings. Therefore you must allocate some budget for your expenses. You can allocate around $100 – $500 for your personal expenses.

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The Final Say

Everest Base Camp trek

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is a stunning adventure that takes anywhere between 10 to 25 days. It costs anywhere between USD 1,600 to USD 5,000 per person on an average. You can customize your trek to pass through alternative routes including Gokyo valley or Chola pass.

So the cost of accommodation, food, guides, and porter, and others depend upon the number of days you spend there. The other costs during this trek are relatively the same and so is the overall cost.

We hope you learned everything you need to know about how much does it cost to go to Everest Base Camp. Contact us for more details regarding this trip and book your trip now!

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