Trekking in Nepal in May

Trekking in Nepal in May

Nepal is a wonderland for trekking”, you cannot deny this statement. Likes of Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Kanchenjunga Trekking, these all world-renown treks are from Nepal only. The list does not end there, it will take a while to list all of the trekking trails of Nepal. For now, you just believe what we have said at first and start planning for the trekking in Nepal.

May, one of the high months for trekking in Nepal, can be the precise time for your adventure. If you are already thinking of it then you are in the right direction. May, the last month of the Spring season in Nepal, is also famous as the season of blossomed flowers. Imagine yourself amid the colorful flowers on the trail trekking for some good days. What an experience it would be. No matter which trek you are willing to do, you will have an amazing time and occurrence, that is for certain.

You may have known about the conditions of May. It’s a pleasant time for outdoor excursions. The weather remains unaffected and altered. Temperatures also seem very friendly even in the higher places. One can have as many Himalayan peaks sights all day without any clouds near it. Moreover, you’ll meet new faces every next step of yours.

However, there are the slightest chances of rainfall in May as the upcoming Monsoon approaches slowly. We said the slightest chances here, even if it rains the rain will be light and short. So, you don’t need to panic much about it, just pack some waterproof clothes and come out. The rain will not bother you much rather you’ll enjoy light droplets reflecting mountains on your skin.

This blog is wide and long for trekking in Nepal in May. Having read this article, you’ll surely come up with a lot of necessary details about May as a trekking month in Nepal. In addition, we have also added some treks to consider during the month too. We hope that will help you find a perfect trek option.

Weather and Temperature in May

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in January

May bids farewell to everyone’s favorite Springtime for Monsoon. As of that, the weather seems a very blended one during this month. You’ll experience both the vibrant surroundings of Springs and the humidness of Monsoons. To inform you here, Nepal is a geographically diverse country whose altitude varies from the lowest 59m to the highest 8,848m. You can clearly expect weather changes with every meter upwards or downwards.

Moreover, the days of May are bright enough for exploring every corner sightable.

The sun aids brightness for you to look at the views as far as your eyes can sight.

With that, the snow-washed mountains will look absolutely unreal when the sun’s flash hits those peaks. But that will not be the scenario all over May. As Monsoon is at the doorsteps, the clouds also seem to arrive around the sun. In the wake of that, visibility decreases slightly.

Likewise, the temperature in May is likely to remain ideal for trekking. If it’s a sunny day, you can trek on just normal t-shirts and shorts. The temperature of such days works very well for outdoor activities. However, warmth alters and reaches the lowest during the night hours. When the Sun is out of sight, it’s cold out there and you have to wear some of the warmest clothes of yours. And lower areas seem very warm as compared to the higher areas. The higher you trek, the colder it will be, you are aware of the fact. Overall, temperature and weather-wise May will not disappoint you at all.

To make you more aware, we have presented a table down below which tallies the round average temperature of various elevations from 1,500m to 5,000m. Learn the fact:

Altitude Maximum Temperature(°C) Minimum Temperature(°C)
1500m 33°C 11°C
2000m 28°C 9°C
2500m 25°C 6°C
3000m 20°C 1°C
3500m 17°C 0°C
4000m 17°C 1°C
4500m 16°C -2°C
5000m 14°C -4°C

Perks of Trekking in Nepal in May

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in January

Spectacular and Unblocked Mountain views

Seeing the Himalayas is a wish of many visitors who come to Nepal. 8 out of 14 world’s eight-thousanders lie in Nepal only. There is no better place than Nepal to see mountains. In that case, May does not disappoint you at all. The days of May are mostly sunny and you can glance at those Himalayas all day around. Even if it rains, the view after the rain is so wonderful that you’ll be glad that it rains. The possible cloud must not come until the late of this month. So, plan your trek around early or mid-May and enjoy the mountains.

Pleasant Weather and Temperature

As pointed out in the other heading, May’s temperature and the weather are suitable enough for better trekking. There will be firm weather which does not change much i.e. stable. However, you never can expect what will happen next. There can be a slight alteration in weather and temperature but not the extreme change. If you are with the right and experienced people and have some emergency weather supplements(clothes and gear), you need not worry. Rather, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.

Season of Lush Greenery and Blossoming Flowers

It’s still Spring around May, for that reason, you can surely expect a lot of greenery and colorful flowers throughout. Most of the trekking trails of Nepal are through the reddish Rhododendron flowers and other abundant vegetation. You can easily guess what it’s like to trek during May. If you are a shutterbug, mind to carry a camera and extra batteries, you’ll have so much to capture in May.

Meet like-minded souls around

May is the month when hundreds of nature explorers are on the various trekking trails of Nepal. Spring, the peak season for trekking, does not leave the surrounding until early June. You will meet many like-minded people through your trek. You can share your life’s journey with them and learn theirs. It is a nice experience to do so. Who knows how and when you can meet some of the most inspiring people here this month.

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Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek Trekking in Nepal in May

When you are picking Nepal as a trekking spot, you are gifted with a lot of options. The diverse geography of the country has provided it with the best trails in the world. Most of the trek’s ultimate stops are some of the world’s highest base camps and passes. You’ll have an amazing experience throughout any of the treks you do.

There will be abundant views where you will look at mountains, tall hills, dense vegetation, and fancy terrains. Along with that, you’ll also be provided with the cultural and lifestyle shows of the locals. Trekking in Nepal in May or any other month is never a less happening event.

There are many trekking trails which you can do in May. But you may face confusion over selecting one trek for you. To helping you on that, here we are listing some of the must-do treks of Nepal, any trek you do you won’t regret at all:

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek should be first in the bucket list. You can easily guess the reason for that. It is one of the most desired treks in the entire world. There is hardly a better trek than this. The trail of the trek runs through the most angelic Everest( Khumbu) region of Nepal. Trekkers doing this trek get to see Mt Everest along with some other world’s tallest peak.

Moreover, there is a whole heavenly like side to explore which deems a naturistic vibe. Mountains are always on the sight, immense vegetation, unreal terrains, and so on Sagarmatha National Park, the important wild side of Nepal which is also a UNESCO place that comes along the way. The woods of the park are very vibrant and can take your closest to Nature. Similarly, many suspension bridges, monasteries, gompas, and Sherpa villages are other attractions of the trek. However, the views from the Kala Patthar and Everest Base Camp are the one to trek for. From such a height of those areas, you’ll be bestowed with the surreal vision of Mount Everest and its neighboring peaks.

If you have already planned for the May’s trekking in Nepal and have not done the Everest Base Camp Trek, do it right away. Feel what it’s like to be in the voyage to the base camp of the world’s most popular mountain. May’s conditions are entirely favorable for a trek like this.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Land at Lukla Airport, one of the menacing airports in the world.
  • Trek on and on through the beautiful trail that is attributed to the lush vegetations.
  • Come across the many small to big monasteries, gompas, stupas, suspension bridges.
  • Be a host in various Sherpa settlements and explore the area and people.
  • Enjoy the dramatic run to reach the Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar.
  • Observe the best ever views of Mt Everest together with Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Lobuche, Pumori, and many more.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek in March

Annapurna Circuit Trek is not the way too behind from the former trek. This trek is also one of the busiest treks in Nepal which is populated every season. The region where this trek lies, Annapurna Region, is a heaven’s piece on the surface. Here lie the best treks of Nepal like Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Poon Hill Trekking which are discussed later. But the Annapurna Circuit Trek is a must-do trek before any other trek.

The trek is the longest of the region and as well as of the country which covers 160 to 230 KM. Every year thousands of trekkers walk on the trail to explore the paradise alike region. Mountains like Annapurna I, II, III, Dhaulagiri, Macchapuchre are the major attractions of the trek. Thorong La Pass(5,416m), the highest reach of the trek, makes you experience the dramatic run to its top.

The region also hosts vigorous vegetation in a good amount. In there live many endangered animals and bird species. As the circuit’s run moves forward, one can see many calm and sounding streams and rivers. Moreover, the entire Annapurna region is home to the Gurung and Tamang tribes. Their way of living life and hosting the tourists is a better thing to watch.

If you love to get lost for a while in nature, this trek is probably for your soul. May, the month which we are talking about the most is the right time for this trek. There are not even the slightest chances of rainfall in May in the Annapurna Region. The place remains under the rain-shadowed area making the area the least wet area.

Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Trek

  • Talk a ride on feet to the most beautiful side of Nepal.
  • Explore almost all of the Annapurna region on a trek.
  • Catch the glimpses of the unique landscapes, greenery, and mountains.
  • Trek up to Thorong La Pass, one of the highest passes in the world.
  • Pass via major stops of the Annapurna region like Kagbeni, Jomsom, and many others.
  • A cultural visit to Muktinath Temple, the most sacred place for Buddhists and Hindus.
  • Run into the Annapurna Conservation Area’s flora and fauna.
  • Get inspired by the warm hospitality of real locals.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Trekking in Nepal in November Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a recently opened trek in Nepal which is being admired by a lot of people now. The beauty of the Manaslu region is explored by very few lucky people only. Better popular as the best off-the-beaten-track in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you around the land of the world’s eighth tallest peak. The trail of the trek stays peaceful and blissful all year through. As most of the people go for Annapurna Circuit Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek, the route of the trek is less crowded.

Clearly, one can forget all of the past to experience the boisterous beauty of the Manaslu region in peace. However, the trek is not as fancy as the other popular ones. The trails are not as developed as the popular treks of Nepal. You may not get good services like in the busy trails. But all of the sacrifices are worth totally. The one round of the trek ends at Larke La Pass(5,106m), a beautiful mountain pass. Altogether you have to do a trek of near 160KM in this circuit trek. The circular trail of this trek takes you through the most underrated palace in Nepal.

Yet, the trek is not easy and can be more difficult if it is not done at the right time. May is one of several months when you can recklessly hit the roads of Manaslu Circuit Trek. The weather and temperature seem very helpful and cozy throughout May. Even though it is better to carry some clothes for possible outcomes like rain and snowfall.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Be on an excursion of the unfrequented region of Nepal.
  • Explore the raw and yet to be explored beauty of the Manaslu region.
  • Enjoy the exciting yet adventurous run to the Larke La Pass via its base camp.
  • Place yourself at one of the longest passes in Nepal, Larke La Pass.
  • Take a deep look at Mt Manaslu, the eighth tallest peak in the world, and several others.
  • Learn more about rural Nepal and interesting Tibetan Influenced culture.
  • Pass over some of the glaciers, streams, and rapid Himalayan rivers of Nepal.
  • Uncover the Buddhist shrines, gompas, monasteries of the region.

Poonhill Trekking

Ghorepani Poon Hill Ghandruk Trek Trekking in Nepal in May

This is the shortest trek in this list of treks to consider if trekking in Nepal in May. It takes around 6 to 9 days to complete or even shorter. More popular among non-experienced and starter trekkers, Poonhill has been a trek for all. The trek is often combined with the Annapurna Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit Trek. But Poonhill trekking only is a better option as you get more time to explore it.

Poonhill, a place like nowhere else to enjoy the wide Himalayan panorama, is the major highlight of the trek. The hill station has ground from where you can look at almost the entire Annapurna region mountains. And, the sunrise view from the place is really a view to die for. This trek leads you to explore some portion of the Annapurna region as well. It’s a trek more likely to unfold the natural and cultural side of the region. Iconic villages of Gurungs and Tamangs like Ghorepani and Ghandruk come along the trail. You’ll be impressed by the people’s response to you, they are so humble and welcoming.

The trek is probably the easiest trek that you can do in Nepal. It doesn’t involve such a high altitude trek like the rest of other treks. Poon Hill(3,210m) itself is the highest place in the entire trek. If you want to experience something heavenly without many hurdles, Poonhill Trekking is for you.

And, this is the only trek on the list which is entirely doable through the year. The region is blessed as a rain-deserted place and also the driest place. That means you can pick it for trekking in Nepal in May too.

Highlights of Poonhill Trekking

  • Known as the best trek to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, and mountain panorama view.
  • Poonhill, the most popular hill station of the trek is the ultimate stopover.
  • Live the views of peaks like Annapurna ranges, Machhapuchhre(Mt Fishtail), Mardi Himal, Nilgiri, Hiunchuli, and Dhaulagiri.
  • Spend overnights at the amusing villages of the Annapurna Region.
  • Experience what it’s to trek in a trail of Annapurna Circuit Trek.
  • Come across the beautiful hearted locals of the area.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek Trekking in Nepal in May

This is yet another very less popular trek in this list. Langtang Valley, the most beautiful valley of Nepal, is a complete trekking destination. There lies some of the best mountains in the world, the land itself is a leftover of heaven, no words to describe the vegetation. It’s also the closest trek that you can do by leaving Kathmandu.

The Langtang region was extremely misallocated by the 2015’s earthquake. But, the place has evolved now as nothing happened at all. You surely would like to explore the aftermath of the deadly earthquake amid serenity.

Where to start, the valley of Langtang is an area where the Langtang National Park is located. There is no lack of flora and fauna in the view, no matter where your head turns. The Langtang and other massifs are forever at the backdrop to keep you excited and overwhelmed. Other big names are Mt Ganesh, Mt Manaslu, Jugal Himal, etc.

Likewise, the region is inhabited by the Tamangs which are highly influenced by the northern(Tibetan) culture. Buddhism is the main religion of the people and you can easily guess by seeing many monasteries, gompas, and shrines. Those people are surely the best and friendly as they are rising up after the disaster of the earthquake. Doing the Langtang Valley Trek is another way to support them.

Nonetheless, the weather in the region is very much sensitive. You have to be at the right time for doing the trek conventionally. And, May is one of such times when the Langtang region allows trekkers to have the best experiences.

Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek

  • Make your way all the way up to Kyanjin Ri(4,773m).
  • Get a chance to see the aftermath of the deadly earthquake of 2015.
  • Investigate the enriched flora and fauna of Langtang National Park.
  • Take the peaceful ride through the Langtang region.
  • Lost around the inexpressible shadows of Mt Langtang Lirung, Mt Ganesh, Mt Jugal Himal.
  • Pay visits to some of the important Buddhist shrines and gompas.
  • Receive the warm hospitality of the Tibetan Influenced people.

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Helpful Tips for Trekking in Nepal in May

Get yourself a guide and porter

An experienced guide is someone who will not let you face any difficulties and trouble in the trek. If trekking in Nepal in May is your first time, then you should hire one. You are new to the people, weather, and temperature, which will create problems. You have to stress around rather than trekking and exploring. Having a guide beside you will help you to utilize each and every second of the trek.

Moreover, if you have a loaded backpack then hire a porter too. He will carry your backpack instead of you and will let you enjoy the views without any pain in the back.

Physical Training

If you are opting for treks like Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit Trek, they are the difficult ones. To endure such treks easily, you have to be in good shape. And you know how to maintain a sound physical shape. There is a number of exercises which can build you a good physicality. Like cardio training, cycling, swimming, etc are some of the general training. Alongside that, you should also do some day hikes on hilly tracks. That will make your feets used to steeper and sloped trails of Nepal. Yet, don’t forget to start training some 3 to 4 months before the trek.

Pack wisely

Trekking in Nepal in May or any other month, backpacking is the most important preparation that you can do. As in the case of May, be sure that you have packed some thick and some rainproof clothes and gear. You can never know what can cause the sky to change. But you have to stay prepared for it with all of the rain or winter packings.

Be aware of Altitude Sickness

Most of the treks in Nepal are the high altitude treks and prone to altitude sickness. The sickness is real and dangerous too. This can make you return back the point you get caught up. Who would want to do that? no one. What you can do here is to try to avoid sickness all the time. For that, you need to have several acclimatization days in the itinerary, trek calmly, hydrate thoroughly and take rests. This way you are expected to complete the trek conveniently.

Start your Trek Early

Having started trek early, you will have extra time to explore the trek and rest enough. This way, you’ll not rush much rather you’ll enjoy every bit coming in front of you. Starting trek earlier also helps to avoid mountain sickness too. And you can also reach the place on time, not when it’s dark. This is the smartest tip on this list which you should try.

Other doable treks in May

Frequently Asked Questions of Trekking in Nepal in May

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek Trekking in Nepal in May

What are the basic things that I need to pack for trekking in Nepal in May?

It’s all your choice what to pack inside the backpack for trekking. But there are certain things which you need not miss at all. Not having those in your reach can create some problems in the trek. So the most basic packing list for Nepal’s trekking in May is as below:


  • Sturdy trekking boots
  • Breathable undergarments
  • Fleece sweaters
  • Waterproof trekking trousers or pants
  • Half-sleeved trekking shirts
  • Down jacket
  • Waterproof/windproof outer-layer jackets
  • Woolen gloves
  • Woolen cap
  • Trekking socks
  • Raincoat
  • Gaiter


  • Toilet paper
  • Wet tissues
  • Quick-drying towel
  • Sanitary pads/ tampons
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Sunscreen
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Sanitizer/Hand wash
  • Moisturizer

First Aid

  • Diamox(altitude sickness) tablets
  • Anti-nauseant medication
  • Water purification tablets
  • Insect repellent

Are the accommodation services available while Trekking in Nepal in May?

Yes, how not be in such a trekking favourite month like May. Instead, you have to book early to get the best place for resting if you are doing some popular treks. EBC trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek are the busiest ones. If you are in one of them, don’t forget to book the accommodation.

But don’t expect awesome service at those accommodations. Teahouses are the ones who will be your corners to rest. They provide basic kinds of rooms which generally consist of two-sharable beds, blankets, pillows, and a table. Price is pretty economic, barely around 5$ to 6$.

Can I get trekking permits for Trekking in Nepal in May?

Absolutely, you can get any of the permits for any of the treks you choose to do. All of the treks are open during May and are allowed to do by the government. You just have to have required permits. You’ll require a unique permit for each of the treks. Those permits can be obtained from Kathmandu and Pokhara.


May is a great month for alleviating your trekking longings in Nepal. You’ll surely have a nice and pleasant trekking experience in May. There are not so many things to worry about during May. The only concern is the weather and the temperature around late-May. If you are with someone very experienced in the game and have the right gear in your backpack, there is really nothing to think of.

Or else you can dare it on your own, the solo trek is possible but you have to outstand all of the difficulties by yourself. But we suggest you to do a trek in May with a guide because they will take care of everything. Do any of the treks in May, the one thing’s sure that you will have moments to cherish forever.

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