Trekking in Nepal in September | 6 Major Treks In Nepal

Trekking in Nepal in September

Trekking in Nepal in September is a resounding yes. September is the time when the trekking trails in Nepal start to get trekkers again. As of the Monsoon season and its rainy weather, the tracks are almost empty for three months. But you will see awaiting souls slowly appearing around the paths of Nepal as soon as September starts. The month also alarms the arrival of a peak season for trekking in Nepal, Autumn.

Gradually, Monsoon gives up its grip over the atmosphere and passes to Autumn. Though, it is still a bit rainy up until mid-September, especially the first few weeks. After that, you can finally enjoy the trails that are all showered and washed by the rain. The temperature starts to get warm, the weather also becomes dry and stable, and you can feel Autumn’s colors onwards.

This transition period of September is one of the times to experience something exceptional. You’ll get to feel the environment switching slowly from one season to another. And it is entirely safe and hassles less to trek in Nepal in September. There is no heavy rainfall, just light rain until the first few weeks, bearable temperature, crystal-clear views, and more are September’s events in Nepal.

Moreover, September is the most peaceful autumn month; most of the trekkers plan for the late Autumn months. It can be your time if you do not like crowds around you. Otherwise, you cannot expect the trails to be less crowded in a high season like Autumn.

Alongside, trekking in Nepal is one of the best things that you can do in the world. The unique and variant topography and climate make this country the best place for trekking. Encountering the tallest and picturesque mountains in the world, breathing the freshest air, viewing the loaded greenery and attractive landscapes, and knowing the unique cultures are the perks of trekking in Nepal.

If you want to experience all of those offerings of Nepal, September can be the time for your adventure.

We Recommend Following Treks in September

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Weather and Temperature in Nepal in September

September is a month that has colors of both Summer and Autumn; it is a transitional month. Half of September is more like a rainy season with light rainfalls, and the rest of it feels like it’s Autumn. You may have to experience slight rain through the early weeks, which is not that bad. The chances of heavy rainfall are pretty low in September as it is not one of the Monsoon months. Instead, the wonderful trekking days with perfect conditions keep coming as days of the month proceed ahead.

The month brings clear and blueish skies back from the dark clouds of Summer. Day visibility may be lower this month than the peak Autumn months, but it’s enough to hit Nepal’s trekking trail. You’ll experience the better days coming or on the rise. A typical September day is just perfect for hitting any of the treks in Nepal. As the month comes at you entirely, the temperature becomes warmer and stable. However, it can be a bit cold in the morning, evening, and rain aftermath hours.

Nepal’s temperature in September is easily bearable; you do not have to worry a bit also. You just have to know that the lower areas are warmer and higher are colder. The temperature chart varies according to the heights. Therefore, pack the clothing and gear as per your destination and its elevation. For your help, we will provide you the Everest Region’s temperatures in September along with the height. It will surely give you enough hints of temperatures in Nepal in September.

Place: Lukla | Elevation: 2,829m/9,281ft | Average Temp: 13.5°C| Min Temp: 9.5°C |Max Temp: 17.5°C.

Place: Namche | Elevation: 3,463m/11,361ft | Average Temp: 10.2°C| Min Temp: 5.8°C |Max Temp: 14.5°C.

Place: Dingboche | Elevation: 4,483m/14,708ft | Average Temp: 5.9°C| Min Temp: 0.3°C |Max Temp: 11.5°C.

Place: Lobuche | Elevation: 4,910m/16,100ft | Average Temp: 3.9°C| Min Temp: -1.7°C |Max Temp: 9.6°C.

Place: Gorak Shep | Elevation: 5,180m/17,000ft | Average Temp: 3.0°C| Min Temp: -2.6°C |Max Temp: 8.7°C.

After seeing the above-shown temperature chart of the Everest Region, you can now easily guess Nepal’s temperatures in September. You saw the decrease in average temperature when elevation is increasing. It is how temperatures fluctuate with the altitude in Nepal in September. You can use the above-given information to generalize the weather of the first month of Autumn in Nepal. We think that the weather is feasible enough to do trekking in Nepal in September.

Perks of doing Trekking in Nepal in September

Weather and Temperature during Nepal Tour in March

Accurate Weather

September’s weather conditions are very much cozy for the trekkers. As the environment is in the transitional phase from Monsoon to Autumn, you will experience pieces of both seasons. The first few weeks of the month can be prone to rainfalls, however, light rain. So do not forget to carry rain essentials while traveling in the first half of September. Once it is mid of September, you will experience the beauty of Autumn’s in the air. Things like clear skies, open mountains, warm temperature, and bright day hours will become usual by then. That is why September is one of those months to travel.

Less Dotted Trails

Autumn is a crowded time in Nepal. It is normal to meet hundreds of trekkers in this season. However, that happens only after September. Most of the trekkers keep trekking for the peak Autumn month, October. So the trekking trails are less crowded in September as compared to the other two Autumn’s months. If you are a peace and space seeker, September is the righteous Autumn month for you.

Lots of Greenery

Autumn is just another synonym of greenery in Nepal. The landscapes of Nepal by the arrival of Autumn get perfectly green. Thanks to the heavy rainfall of Summer, which clears the dust and mud off the horizons. You’ll see the places of Nepal that are lushed with green vegetation, all washed and cleaned. In the country’s rural part, there is lots of greenery around the trekking trails. If you want to drink that greenery with your eyes, then September is for you.

Breathtaking Views

September is also a month of breathtaking views. The mountain vistas and landscapes, when not hindered by the clouds, are just astonishing. On top of that, the picture after the rainfall is more like a heavenly view. You are sure to get awe-inspired by what you see in September in Nepal in any trek you choose or any trial you hit.

Major Destinations for Trekking in Nepal in September

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek, the wildest dream of every trekker, is one good option to pick in September. As September kicks off the way for trekkers in Autumn, you will be one of the first to trek the season. The first to experience the beautiful trail, green vegetation, blissful mountains, traditional settlements, and more. Everest Base Camp Trek is not just a trek; it is a journey to explore nature and culture’s eternal beauty.

The trekking route of the trek is one of the busiest of its kind. Any time you visit this place, you will find at least some visitors like you. However, the Autumn and Spring months are the most favorable times. During the peak months of those seasons, the place is a bit more crowded than usual. Many people wish to see the world’s highest peak and its heavenly home, the Khumbu Region. Ultimately, they reach the base camp(5,364m) or Kala Patthar(5,5545m), from where you can sight at Everest like nowhere else. They walk thousands of steps through Everest’s lands to the base camp, just to see the beauty.

Everest Base Camp Trek does not disappoint any of its visitors. You are definite to make lots of beautiful memories on this adventurous trek. The trek will become a memory for your lifetime; it is that special. If you are free this September, do not wait for another September. Just keep everything at bay and do this trek.

Significant Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Explore the home of the world’s tallest peak.
  • Impress yourself by the rawness of the nature of the region.
  • Traverse into the woods of Sagarmatha National Park.
  • Meet and know the Sherpa tribes, one of the bravest tribes, better.
  • Enjoy the visibility of majestic mountains like Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Lobuche, Everest, etc.
  • Trek through and explore settlements like Namche Bazaar, Gorak Shep, Dingboche, Tengboche, etc.
  • Ascend up to the base camp and celebrate the feast.

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Annapurna Circuit Trek

packing list for annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a trekking gem of Nepal. To make Nepal the best country for trekking globally, Annapurna Circuit Trek has a more significant share. The trek is famous all over the world as the most exemplary trek to do on the globe. The Annapurna Region is flocked with many beautiful mountains, including the tenth tallest peak, Annapurna. Annapurna Circuit Trek takes you all around the Annapurna region to make you see its every corner. It is a long trek of around 200 KM. Trekkers will experience countless things along the journey.

To do a trek inside Annapurna Region means traversing across nature at its best. You will unfold the beauty of the area by simply trekking 6 to 8 hours daily. Many beautiful and traditional villages will come across. Annapurna Region is also gifted with diverse vegetation; this trek is also about investigating it. You will reach the hike’s highest point, Thorung La Pass(5,416m), doing a long and beautiful tour. It is just a great atmosphere to be able to complete a legendary walk like Annapurna Circuit Trek.

You can launch the expedition in September. Most of the Annapurna Region lies in a rain-shadowed area. As a result, there is no rainfall even in the early days of September. You will also experience peaceful trails in the month. That is why Annapurna Circuit Trek is another great trekking option to choose.

Significant Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Trek

  • Experience the boundaryless beauty of the Annapurna Region.
  • Awe-inspiring mountain views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and more.
  • Traverse through many rivers, broad valleys, woods, and villages.
  • Be impressed by the scenery of the region.
  • Hike down the Thorung La Pass, one of the dramatic mountain passes.

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Manaslu Trek

Trekking in Nepal in November Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Trek is one of the most underrated treks in the World. Despite being located nearer than the Annapurna Circuit Trek from Nepal’s capital, this region does not get many visitors. It is not the region with any lack; Mother Earth has gifted enough mountains, valleys, flora, and fauna. But still, it is not in the pick of the people. This trek can be a perfect choice for those who keep seeking unfrequented trails.

The trekking in Nepal in September takes you to the northernmost part of Nepal that is explored by a few only.

On the expedition of Manaslu Trek, you will come across many picturesque landscapes. You will experience nature’s great art here in this region. This trek is more than just Mt Manaslu, the eighth tallest peak on the Earth. You will reach places and see the terrains, vegetation, and flora & fauna like never before. Larkya La Pass(5,160m), the topmost point of the trek, offers a fantastic view of the surrounding. Interestingly, you will become one of the significantly fewer people who have explored the Manaslu Area.

And September is a possible time for the trek. Though the first weeks can be a little wet, it is safe to trek during this month. Just do not forget to pack enough rain gear only if you are doing the trek early in the month. By the late weeks of the month, the rain is not an occurring thing.

Significant Highlights of Manaslu Trek

  • Mouth-opening natural beauty inside the Manaslu Area.
  • Lovely and most welcoming local people.
  • Breathtaking mountain vistas of Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Kang Guru, Nemjung, and more.
  • Diverse vegetation and natural resources like rivers and streams.
  • Picturesque villages and landscapes.
  • The exciting trekking route to the Larkya La Pass(5,106m).

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Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpo Region is a little too far from the center of the country. For that reason, the naturally gifted Dolpo Region remains unfrequented. The Dolpo area is more like heaven, located in the west of Nepal. Not touched by the urbanization, the region offers a great trekking experience to its doers. The part may feel like Mustang Area because of its semi-desert landscapes. But you will traverse through all sorts of landscapes: dusty, green, and deserted.

This trekking trail runs through the old course which the ancient traders used. It is also deemed as the best rural area treks of Nepal. You will find no significant buildings here but only sounding rivers, deep valleys, vast meadows, pristine lakes, and more. Jeng La Phedi(4,900m) and Yangze Gompa(4,960m) are the trek’s two high points. It is tough to mention all of the happenings of the hike in a few words. Excitingly, the tour is as long as 15 to 24 days. It is like living the rural life and breathing the freshest air all the time during this trek.

And you should plan Upper Dolpo Trek for the upcoming September. There is no fear of rainfall in the month as the region lies under the rain-shadowed area. You just fly to Nepal and make it happen.

Significant Highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek

  • Gain a rural area trekking experience.
  • Explore the trail that the Nepal-Tibet traders used.
  • Visiting exciting places like Shey Phoksundo Lake, National Park, Shey Gompa, and more.
  • Stay awhile in the blissness of the Dolpo Region.
  • Enjoy the mountain visions of various Dhaulagiri massif peaks.
  • Get to know the western culture that is highly influenced by the Tibetan culture.

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Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley trek

Langtang Valley is one of the picturesque valleys of Nepal. It is blessed with enough sky-touching mountains, vast meadows, loaded flora, and more. Because of all the blessings, the region is on the rise to become the top destination for Nepal’s trekking. It is also one of the quickest trekking trails you can join after landing at Nepal’s capital.

The region became even more famous after the massive earthquake of 2015. It was hit badly by the disaster that most of the region’s houses were shocked off to the ground. Since then, it is in the phase of rebuilding, and tourism has helped more than anything. People across various regions of the world are visiting this beautiful valley every year. It is just an awe-striking feeling to trek in this area. Kyanjin Ri Pass(4,773m) is the highest point of the hike, and to reach there, you will walk through nothing but beautiful landscapes. Along the way, you will be hosted by the Tamangs of the region who show a Tibetan-influenced culture.

If you want to plan Langtang Trek in September, that will go according to your plan. The conditions of the region are stable during this month. The only problem will be the light rainfall during the first few weeks of the month. You just take enough rain gear and clothing to adjust to the difficulties. Langtang Valley will not host you badly; you will share some good memories here in September.

Significant highlights of Langtang Trekking

  • Trek through luscious vegetation, high meadows, and pastures.
  • Enjoy the panoramic visions of the valley.
  • Know the culture and lifestyle of the locals of the region.
  • Trek down the most dramatic mountain pass, Kyanjin Ri.
  • Look at the striking mountains of the Langtang Himalayas like Langtang Lirung Dorje Lakpa, Yala Peak, etc.

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Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Ghandruk Trek

Nepal does have plenty of beautiful treks, and Poon Hill Trek is one of them. By the fact, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is the most popular short trek of Nepal. The tour lies in the Annapurna Region’s heart, and it is known for its spectacular mountain panorama. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is not as long and challenging as the Annapurna Circuit Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek. The novice trekkers seem to complete this trekking in Nepal in September, quite comfortably!

On this trek, a trekker will traverse through the beautiful land that is full of vegetation. Several famous traditional villages for tourists will come along the way. The trek’s ultimate part is the Poon Hill(3,210m), the best hill station that you can be at in Nepal. From the top of it, you can view numerous mountains at one glance. On top of that, the sunrise view just over the Annapurna Region mountains is breathtaking as always. This trek is worth doing if you want to gain some trekking experience for future high area trekking.

September is one of the correct times for doing Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking. The weather and conditions start getting back to normal by this month. However, light rain can occur in early September. You can work that out with proper rain clothing.

Significant Highlights of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

  • One of the most done short treks in Nepal.
  • Trek to see the most scenic sunrise view of your life.
  • Sight at all of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range mountains from one hill stop.
  • Get to experience the love and hospitality of the locals for visitors.
  • Traverse through the diverse vegetation.
  • Reach various traditional yet picturesque villages.

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Some Tips for Trekking in Nepal in September

  • The first few two weeks of September receive light rainfall. If you are planning for the first weeks, pack some rain gear as well.
  • Do not forget to check the conditions of the trail of your trekking route. There can be landslides due to the monsoon.
  • Watch out for slippery trails, leeches, and mosquitoes during the first half of the month.
  • It is better to plan after the mid of September. There onwards it won’t rain that much regularly. The weather starts to move towards normal.
  • It is better to do a trek with a guide in September. He/She will guide you in an excellent way that you do not have to face any problems.
  • Also, check the packing list for trekking in September and then pack accordingly.
  • Do not have a strict travel time. The weather is a bit in the favor during the first half of September, and you may have to postpone the trek.


It is not a wrong decision at all to do trekking in Nepal in September. Yeah, the first weeks can indeed be a little bit cloudy and rainy, but that is not the case all the time. Sometimes the weather can be entirely in the favor also and sometimes not. You just have backups to deal with such possibilities. Overall, you can trek anywhere in Nepal in September. If you don’t want to face a problem, plan your trek after mid of September, when the weather becomes more stable and precise. Your trekking in Nepal in September will be the best time of your life for some time.

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