Dudh Kunda Trek

No place in the world is as exciting as Nepal to experience wild trekking. The country alone can defeat many hiking trails in the world both in terms of complexity and spectacle.

From the sky-scraping mountains of the east to the central wilderness, you can experience so much here. If that was not enough to excite trekkers, Nepal also has mystical lakes to offer its guests.

Statistically, it’s impossible to make count every single of them. But among hundreds of them and counting, one to stand out for every right reason is Dudh Kunda. This glistening glacial lake in the Everest region proves how splendid the creation of nature can be.

Although it has been newly discovered, Dudh Kunda Trek has already made a good first impression. Everything from its unique formation to translucent water and jaw-dropping backdrop has astounded hikers.

Hailed as one of the divine places, Dudh Kunda puts nature at its truest and raw form. It lies at an altitude of 4561m and is least visited by the hikers that hold it back.

Regarded as an abode of Lord Shiva, Dudh Kunda carries a religious significance. There is a belief among locals that whoever dunks into the lake will have their wish granted.

For such an adventurous trip, the start should be as grand as the end would. Hence, you’ll make headway from Kathmandu Valley on a regular flight to Phaplu.

The flight is going to be quite exceptional as it takes you to the vivid valley and snow peaks of the Himalayas. After taking down the Phaplu airport, you’ll be heading to Ringmo and Sansar Beni on a well-marked trail.

This takes about three days and by that time you’ll be already glaring at magnificent Dudh Kunda. Back on your way from the lake, you’ll come across many villages including Junbesi.

From there, it’s a straight walk to Phaplu which is also where you’ll catch your flight to Kathmandu.

Highlights of Dudh Kunda Trek

  • Exquisite view of the surrounding with see-through lake
  • Blessed with dramatic natural scenery and unique landscapes
  • Pitch camp under the crystal clear sky and sparkling stars of thousands
  • A glimpse of breathtaking Annapurna and Mt. Kanchenjunga
  • Explore the culture and values of Buddhist inhabiting in the region
  • Visit sacred monasteries like Thubten Choling and Chiwong

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Flight Distance: 123 km

Trek Distance: 11.7 km

Flight Duration: 30 minutes

Trek Duration: 3 hours

Maximum Altitude: 3660 meters

Well, if you’re ready for the trek then why not make it happen as early as possible. So for the first day of Dudh Kunda Trek, we go an easy way and take a flight to Phaplu from Kathmandu valley.

Since the trip is coming early in the morning, the views from the sky are clear, bright, and beautiful. You can already get the glimpse of unique landscapes and vibrant valleys before even reaching Phaplu.

Just in case for the refreshment, you’ve a combination of unique landscape and mountains like Lhotse and Pumori to sight. After taking down in Phaplu airport, you’ll meet with the other team member and your porter who'll help you succeed the trip.

Between the village and Ringmo, there is a subtle trail that’ll take you almost 3 hours to traverse. The classic route that hardly sees travelers will once and for all give you a scenic sight to relish.

On the side cliff road is a majestic valley while on the top is snow-capped mountains overlooking the village. Walk a few miles ahead on a lush green pasture and a dense forest and you’ll reach Ringmo.

As it gets too late by the time you reach the village, it’s wise to spend the night at a lodge here.

Trek Distance: 6.4 km

Trek Duration: 2-3 hours

Maximum Altitude: 3800 meters

Just the next day of hike, you’ll wake up to the icy wind and endless buzz of locals in Ringmo. Not to miss the wonderful view of snow peaks, freshen up and join the rest of the members on the breakfast table.

As you still have a trek to make, get all the stuff and start walking the trail to Sarsar Beni. The hills go upside from here so it's best that you take a gentle step and not run through energy.

Having to ascend the hills and walk the meadows, you may feel the day too long and tiring. But for the nature enthusiast, the route unfolds a lot of surprises.

Possibilities are high for them to witness a wide species of vegetation and wildlife on the way through forest. The place has also got ample monasteries which are open for everyone to visit.

Hike a little further and it turns out that the place also has dazzling snow peaks to offer travelers. On your last stop at Ringmo, you’ll spend the night at a guesthouse.

Trek Duration: 6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 4561 meters

The third day of Dudh Kunda Trek is on which the success of your trip relies. Given that, there is nothing to feel the stress rather stay as relaxed as you can.

Since there is no guesthouse or lodge after Ringmo, you’ll have a full meal breakfast here. After you finish the meal, start ascending the steep hill to Dudh Kunda aka Milky Lake.

No short of magnificence, the route will introduce you to Kalo Pokhari for the very first time. The pokhari is a bit unusual than your regular lake with dark blakish water and towering hills in the background.

Locals here have a long credence that travelers must visit the lake before walking to Dudh Kunda. Keeping everything aside, this is a great deal as you’ll get to visit two lakes for the cost of one.

After the exploration is over, you’ll head towards Dudh Kunda, an absolute masterpiece on earth. On your arrival here, you’ll find that the water on the lake is pure blue and bewitching.

Beyond this incredible lake, you also get to witness the soaring Numbur and Karyolung in the background. Trip like Dudh Kunda doesn’t happen time and again so it's smart of those to capture the moment.

Accept or not but it's impossible to stay too long at the spot as you also have to make the way down. Hence, after traveling over the lake and surrounding, retrace the step back to Sarsar Beni.

With this, one terrific day at Dudh Kunda comes to an end. To spend the night warm, put a tent or else you’ll have to put with the cow shed.

Trek Distance: 7.8 km

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2700 meters

Finally after making a victorious move to Dudh Kunda, it’s time to head back to the village. Thereby, without delaying much of the time, you’ll start walking to Junbesi from early in the morning.

Clambering the trail, you’ll come across a ridge called Pare Danda and follow that green meadow. On the way down, you also get to enjoy a picturesque view of the snow peaks and diverse geographical features.

The scenic path to Junbesi also unfolds the historic and cultural side of the Himalayan region. Next it’s a mesmeric Junbesi Village which is largely inhabited by Sherpa people.

The place is deep-rooted with the ancestral rite and culture of Sherpa which easily comes to notice. The locals here are very genial and welcoming to the guest so there will be no problem finding a guest house.

Trek Distance: 13.2 km

Trek Duration: 5 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2469 meters

A day trek from Junbesi to Phaplu is when you’ll get to encounter the local culture at most. Starting from the village, the route goes downhill to Basa River that’s looked across by the mountains all the time.

Without a doubt, the sublime view of the valley and landscapes are a major draw of the region. Nonetheless, the hospitable and affable treat of locals will as well fill your heart with delight.

Descending further, you’ll come across a green pasture mostly fed by yaks. The place is also rich with wide vegetation and floras out of which some are just found in the region.

As for the night, you’ll stay at a lodge in Phaplu. Following this, you don’t have to rush the next morning and can easily catch a flight to Kathmandu from Lukla airport.

Trek Distance: 123 km

Trek Duration: 30 minutes

Maximum Altitude: 1400 meters

It’s the sixth day of Dudh Kunda Trek and for most of you it might be quite hard to accept that it's all to end today. In fact, it’s just a matter of hours before the trip will officially put an end.

In the early morning at Phaplu, you’ll have breakfast and then walk the way to the airport. The flight takes about 30 minutes to reach the valley. But even in the span of time, it will take you through the scenic landscapes and mountains like Cho Oyu and Everest.

As soon the flight lands, our representative will escort you up till to the hotel. After that exhausting flight, we’re sure you need a proper rest. Hence we’ll leave it then and there so that you can enjoy your privacy.

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Dudh Kunda Trek