Everest Base Camp Trek

14 Days
  • 12 Days
  • 130km/80miles
  • 6-8 hrs
  • March to May, Sept to Nov
  • Private Vehicle and Plane
  • Hotel and Teahouses
  • Moderate to Challenging
  • Kala Patthar
  • 5,644 m (18,519 ft)


Have you ever thought about doing something extraordinary? Do you dream about exploring the unknown? If you have ever been in any of these situations, then you are in for a treat. Nothing is more mysterious than the majestic Himalayas. Trekking in the Himalayas might sound overwhelming, but it is possible. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Nepal to embark on a journey to the Himalayas, and all of them say the same thing: it is an experience of a lifetime.

How to Use This Everest Base Camp Guide?

This all-in-one guide includes all the information that you will need for your Everest Base Camp trek. It is a 14-day itinerary that includes a detailed itinerary along with the costs and expenditure, trekking routes, list of required items and gears, best accommodation and places to eat, useful tips, and other lots of FAQs. This guide is highly flexible and adjustable and caters to both solo and group trekkers. You will not need to refer to any other guides. So, save your time and follow this guide to fulfill your dream of visiting Everest Base Camp.

Why visit Everest Base Camp (Everest Base Camp)?

Frankly speaking, there is no other place like Everest Base Camp in the world. It is the most famous trekking destination in Nepal. Though there are a number of mountains in Nepal, none of them can match the grandeur of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. If you are only a beginner in the field of mountaineering and desire to see Everest in person but feel intimidated and overwhelmed, then Everest Base Camp trek is perfect for you.

You do not have to climb Mount Everest to observe the breathtaking view of the Himalayas; you get to do it from Everest Base Camp. It is a perfect place to start for aspiring trekkers. The journey to Everest Base Camp is full of adventures; you will trek along the beautiful hills and through the coniferous forests. There are magical things waiting to be unraveled, and you can be the one to do. That is the reason why Everest Base Camp is always on the bucket list of people looking for an adventure.

Trip Highlights

  • View Mount Everest and other peaks like Lhotse and Nuptse up close from the base camp which sits at 5,364 meters above the sea level, one of the highest points in the world.
  • Visit Tengboche Monastery and experience the rich culture of ancient Buddhism. It is the largest monastery in the Khumbu region.
  • Observe the magnificent Khumbu glacier from the base camp; it is the highest glacier in the world and lies on the way to the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Take a walk around Namche Bazaar, a one of a kind vibrant town in the foothills of the Himalayas where you can familiarize yourself with Sherpa’s culture and traditions.
  • Learn about the rare and exotic wildlife and vegetation of the Himalayan region by visiting Sagarmatha National Park.

How Difficult is Everest Base Camp Trek?

You do not have to be extremely fit and experienced in trekking to join the Everest Base Camp trek. If you are in decent shape and do not have any respiratory complications, you should be able to complete the trek without much difficulty. The Everest Base Camp trail is pretty easy, but the only hindrance is the altitude. Altitude sickness is very common, and it can happen to anyone regardless of fitness and health. You can take care of altitude sickness by taking medications, so there is no need to worry about the trek. With proper planning and preparation, you can fully enjoy the Everest Base Camp trek.

When to Embark on Everest Base Camp Trek?

The best time to visit Everest Base Camp is spring or autumn, the reason being the absence of rainfall. You would not want to be drenched in rainwater while trekking, would you? That’s why you should trek between April to May or October to November. During this period, you can fully concentrate on your trek without worrying about rainfall or storms. This is high time for trekkers, so if you are traveling solo, you can just follow the trail that everyone else is following. There is no need to worry about getting lost in the mountains.

14-day Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

You will begin your journey from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. I recommend you take your time and explore the city, while you are in Nepal. It is an ancient city with amazing food culture and a rich history of art and architecture. So, take a walk around the city, before you start your trekking adventure. At the end of the Everest Base Camp trek, you will be back in Kathmandu.


During the Everest Base Camp trek, you will spend your night in many different places. Most of these places are run by local people who do not have any other means of making money. You can contribute to their well-being by using their services. In Lukla and Namche Bazaar, you will find decent accommodation at affordable prices. You can spend your night in any of the tea houses in Namche Bazaar. These places will give you a homely feeling.

However, as the altitude increases, your accommodations get more basic. This does not mean you get bad accommodations but the rooms are small with twin sharing beds. You will find bathrooms attached to your rooms in tea houses but in higher altitudes, the bathrooms may be squat bathrooms so prepare yourself mentally for all kinds of situations. The rooms will be clean and comfortable regardless of the size.

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

As you have already learned about the breakdown cost of individual expenses during your Everest Base Camp Trek, you are well informed about the types of costs incurred. However, if you are trekking with a local trekking company, you will have a better opportunity at saving yourselves some cash along with having a stress free journey.

Traveling with a local trekking company like Radiant Treks, your 14 days Everest Base Camp Trek cost will range from USD 1250 based on the Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary. This cost includes all of the transportation, food and accommodation and other costs during your trek. The detailed inclusions and exclusions are listed below for your convenience.

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