Gokyo Valley Trek (Gokyo Ri)

10 Days

Gokyo Valley Trek might be a classic trekking route in Nepal but its popularity has just emerged. With rural subtlety, exotic landscapes, and rich culture, Gokyo Valley trek is one of a kind.

Everest region brags lots of hiking routes but none of it is as spectacular as Gokyo Valley. It’s unarguably the best of the lot with a well-marked trail and spectacular view.

The trek comes as a trade-off for hikers who want to run off the crowd and enjoy the lone time. Everything about the trek has the travelers enlivening, be it the unique landscapes, or alternative routes walking through pastures.

The scenes are absolutely stellar with breathtaking waterfalls and fast-flowing streams winning the hearts of sightseers. Only in Gokyo, you can discern as many as five glistening lakes including Fifth lake.

Still, the most incredible one to have a glimpse of is far-fetched Gokyo Ri (5,357m). The peak is what draws the mind of most travelers who visit the region with its sublime beauty and magnificence.

Highlights of Gokyo Valley Trek

  • A glance into the distinct topography and wilderness while flying to Lukla
  • A trip of magnificent Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Ri
  • Cultural participation while interacting with people in the Himalayas
  • A scenic pleasure to view the rushing Dudh Koshi river
  • Witness the mix of culture and art during a visit to local Monasteries and Gompas
  • Scramble through the terminal moraine of Ngozumpa Glacier
  • Great experience staying at many traditional and old-style villages
  • Affable relationship with the people in the region who treats visitor as family

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We’ll start the trek hours after you alight from the flight at Tribhuvan International Airport. Our representative will escort you up till to the hotel and give you time to prepare for the trek both physically and mentally.

After a while, you’ll be provided with a delicious meal from the hotel staff. Up to the time you have it, we’ll give a lookout at all the arrangements once more.

Not long after boarding the flight, you’ll be geeking at the unique landscape of the Himalayas and even snow peaks disperse in the region. The flight lasts 45 minutes and you can roam at the tea houses then in Lukla if starved.

Starting from Lukla, your trek to Gokyo Valley officially begins. In fact, at any minute from here, you’ll be walking to Phakding Village. Before you even knew the journey started, the trail will see you climbing uphill.

You’ll cross a few of the suspension bridges placed over the Dudh Koshi River on the way to the village. Beyond nature, you’ll be fascinated to see the Mani stone crafts forthcoming to the region.

Nearly after two hours of hike, you’ll be up for a grand welcome hosted by locals in Phakding. Stay the night at the village and you can continue the trip ahead, the next day.

With the peaceful night in Phakding coming to an end, you’re ready now to trace your steps to Namche Bazaar. The day supplicates you to cross the Dudh Koshi River a couple of times over the suspension bridge.

Walking further, you’ll turn up to a stunning village of Khumbu called Jorsale. The people here will celebrate your arrival with open arms. You can take time off at Jorsale and have lunch to give a fresh start to the journey.

The village is also your point to the Sagarmatha National Park and where your permits are verified. After validating the permit, you’ll ascend to Namche Bazaar, commonly known as Sherpa capital through a rocky trail.

Upon your stop at the valley, you’ll see a lot of markets and stalls put up. This excites every traveler passing the Bazaar and even compel them to buy a souvenir. There can’t be any better stopping point than Namche Bazaar. Hence, you’ll rest the night here.

You’d be saving a day; if decides on not to acclimatize at Namche Bazaar. But the best decision would still be to step back and spend the day at Namche Bazaar.

This will help you get used to the atmosphere and climate of the Everest region. As Namche Bazaar is the arch to Gokyo Valley, you can adapt your body with the temperature at a higher elevation to prevent altitude sickness.

For this, you can take a short-distance hike to the museum and explore the custom and values there. If not, make a trip up to Syangboche from where you can get a scenic view of the Everest and even have lunch at the Everest View Hotel.

From Syangboche, you get a glimpse of the breathtaking sight of sunset and sunrise only if you visit early in the morning. The night you’ll stay at Namche Bazaar and pack the stuff for the trek that starts from the very early morning tomorrow.

Start the day with a morning breakfast before walking to Dole which is settled at 13270 ft. With a narrow trail to walk in the first few hours of the trip, you’ll be pushed to your limits.

The path will soon widen taking you to a steep stairway, a flat land and also a small village of Khumbu, Mong. You can stop by the village and have lunch so as to stay fresh and physically well before heading on to Gokyo Valley Trek.

The excursion restarts with you finding the way to Dole through a lush green forest. To your surprise, the whole place will be filled with the blossoming rhododendrons during Spring.

Nearly after 5-6 hours of trek starting from Namche Bazaar, you’ll finally reach this mesmeric village. On your stop here, you’ll learn about the people of Dole and their culture here that’s been swept from generations.

But even ahead of Dole, you’ll walk plenty of villages and meet people of different ethnic groups. Seeing the green pastures grazed by Himalayan Yak and dazzling peaks like Tawache, you’ll be on cloud nine.

Time to leave behind Dole and continue walking the trail that leads to Machhermo. As the village lies at an altitude of 4470m, the air starts getting thinner from thereon.

People with the altitude sickness must be cautious before strolling the trail and must have the medications at a backup. While striding to Machhermo you’ll see ample Juniper trees in the forest with wildflowers as well, enriching the beauty of the place.

To notice gleaming waterfalls along with suspension bridges and steep ridges become routine. Coming out of the trail, you’ll ascend the sandy fields and even the moraine of Ngozumpa glacier.

On reaching Machhermo, you can either take a rest at the lodge or go on to explore the village. You even have a spectacular sight of the snow peaks like Thamserku and Kantega to revel in.

With this, you’ll call it a day for your Gokyo Valley Trek today. Sleep well and we’ll pick up the journey from here the next day.

We could have started the trek to Gokyo soon after the sun hit the region. Still, it’s best to have a trip to the lake only after having lunch since that keeps you energetic all day long.

Also our Gokyo Valley Trek itinerary suggests that you spent quality time at Macchermo. It’s because you’ll get used to the climate and temperature above as the village lies at an altitude of 4470m.

Hence, opting for the latter one, you’ll be traveling to Gokyo right after taking lunch in Machhermo. Until that time, you can explore the village and even study the traditions and history of the people residing there from ages.

As the trek starts, you’ll be ascending the highland on a narrow path through Ngozumpa glacier. The trail will have you scale upward and take downhills via Raboche Tsho and Longpongo.

The entire trek will last for 4-5 hours at the end of which you’d be overlooking the mesmeric Gokyo Lake. You can range over the place and also drop by glorious Fifth Lake if you have enough time.

After that astounding view, it’s time to retrace the steps back to Gokyo Village. Given the downhills to walk from here on, it’ll be less stressful reaching Gokyo Valley. What a perfect way to end an exciting trip as Gokyo by walking across the beautiful village.

It’s always good to interact with the locals living in the villages and as they’re too kind and genial. Call it for the day after having your dinner and take a good rest.

After reaching the summit, it’s going down that disheartens mostly when you’ve to walk away from such mesmeric scenes. Yet, we’ve to turn over the Gokyo Valley Trek to return to the valley for which it’s must that you continue trekking ahead.

Sticking with the Gokyo Valley Trek itinerary, we’ll make a journey to Dole on the 7th day of the trip. Henceforth, we’ll start descending from Gokyo Valley soon after having the morning breakfast. Once again, you’ll walk to the moraine of Ngozumpa glacier before arriving at Dole.

On your way down, you’ve marvelous scenes to cherish for including the dense forest and stress relieving terrains. Once reached Dole, you’ll make a quick move to your lodge.

It makes sense that you want to relax in your room, after all, you’ve walked for about 6-7 hours this morning.

After the morning breakfast is over, you’ll continue descending from Dole. The trail from here will see you walking down incessantly on a plain land and crossing the suspension bridge.

The hillside along the way to Namche Bazaar will provide you a picturesque view with flowers in full bloom if only traveled to the region in Autumn.

You’ll also have come to see green pastures along with terrace fields and colorful sherpa villages and markets. There are lots of monasteries and gompa on the way to Namche which you can visit and exchange the culture.

Finally, after walking for 5 hours along with the hypnotic view, you’ll arrive at Namche Bazaar. Stay the night in one of the fanciest lodges in Namche Bazaar and continue the journey tomorrow.

Your trek to Gokyo Valley is nearly at its end with only a day left to trek. It’s arguably the last time, you’ll be walking the roads of the Himalayan region and even sighting the sublime beauty of Everest.

The trail to Lukla will have you descend the hills and along the Dudh Koshi river. You’ll even come across many suspension bridges in the day and walk the rugged trails.

The whole trip lasts 8 hours with you scrambling down to Lukla from the enthralling Namche Bazaar. Spend the night at Lukla so that you don’t have to struggle to catch a flight to Kathmandu from Lukla airport.

It’s time to say goodbye to one of Nepal’s most beautiful towns, Lukla and the people there. If you wish, take one last peek of the region and even the valley as your flight will only stay 45 minutes.

Once the flight takes off at Kathmandu, we’ll pick you up and drop you at the hotel. Herewith, our 10 days itinerary for Gokyo Valley trek comes to a close.

We can still volunteer if you are interested in going shopping at local shops in Kathmandu. You can then relax at your dwelling and quietly plan your flight back to home in accordance.

We hope you had the time of your life going on a Gokyo Valley Trek. It’d be a real pleasure to assist you even in the future and help you with any travel package.

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Gokyo Valley Trek (Gokyo Ri)