Panch Pokhari Trek 12 Days Itinerary

12 Days

Panch Pokhari Trek itinerary is a recently opened and non-battered trekking spot of eastern Nepal. Popular as a religious trek among the Hindu and Buddhist devotees this Panch Pokhari trekking is a desirable adventure among any type of adventurers. This unspoiled destination has satisfied its every visitor whether it’s natural or religious longing.

Panch Pokhari, i.e. Five holy lakes are the major attraction of the Panch Pokhari trek. These holy yet most pristine lakes lie on the top of the northeast hills of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. The top not only provides the lake displays but also the alluring eye shots of the various Himalayan ranges like Jugal Himal, Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Rolwaling, and Langtang.

Moreover, Panch Pokhari trek routes fall through the beautiful landscapes of eastern hills. The routes are dotted with the impressive forests mainly with Rhododendron, Oak, Juniper, Alpine trees. The smell of these forested trails is like nowhere else. Additionally, the trekking circuits some time turn towards the vast and scenic pasture lands. And the animal grazing over the pasture lands is a kind of view that impresses everyone.

Also, Panch Pokhari trekking trails run through the yards of the unique Tamang, Sherpa settlements. This Panch Pokhari trek provides a brief insight into their lifestyles and cultures. Sometimes also termed as Panch Pokhari cultural trek, this trek is a perfect combination of natural and cultural beauty of Eastern-Nepal.

To wind up, Panch Pokhari trek is a perfect walking and nature exploring experience. This adventure will take you to the unexpected but most pretty places of Nepal.

Highlights of Panch Pokhari Trek

  • Walking amidst the beautiful forests of Rhododendron, Juniper, Oak, and Pine
  • Dramatic views of mountain peaks like Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Hima, Rolwaling Himal
  • Explore the unique Tamang and Sherpa settlements and their lifestyles
  • Passing by some vast and beauteous pastures
  • Adventurous trekking towards the less visited and rural tourist spot of Nepal
  • Alluring eye shots of the five sacred yet beautiful lakes, i.e. Panch Pokhari(4,100m)
  • Camping in the various impressive tourist sites

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Drive Time: 5-6 hours

Altitude Gain: 1450m

Panch Pokhari trek will start with the scenic bus drive from Kathmandu to Chautara. The bus will drive you through the beautiful Araniko Highway. Along the drive hours, you can stroll your eyes over the picturesque landscape views. Your destination, i.e. Chautara is nearly 328km away from Kathmandu which can be covered in 5 to 6 hours by bus. The time can vary with the bus speed and traffic congestion.

Chautara is the trek start point of Pach Pokhari trek which is also the headquarter of the Sindhupalchok district. After arrival at Chautara, you’ll explore the market area of it before checking into the lodge. You can also see the mountains and landscapes from the ridge of Chautara. Night stay at the Local lodge of Chautara.

Trek Time: 5-6 hours

Altitude Gain: 2,050m

From Chautara, you will hike towards the Phurse by enjoying the elegant mountain views. The trail to Phurse is a bit steep and uphill which takes 5 to 6 hours to complete. You will pass through some watchful local villages and their farmlands. The views of Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishankar peaks will tease you all the way.

After all the hurdles of the day, you’ll reach a small Tamang settlement, Phurse village. “Phurse” means pasture land so this village is the centre for grazing. With the wide pasture lands, this village provides a scenic display. Overnight at the campsite in Phurse.

Trek Time: 6-7 hours

Altitude Gain: 2,845m

After the night rest at Phurse, now you’ll head towards another pasture land, i.e. Kami Kharka. Just like the Phurse, Kami Kharka(2,845m) is also equally beautiful with its vast pasture grounds. It takes trekking time of 6 to 7 hours to reach Kami Kharka from Phurse.

You’ll hike through the appealing forest of Pine, Oak, Rhododendron trees. While moving ahead, you’ll get an eyeshot of the awe-inspiring peaks. Completing the forested trails, you’ll land yourself at attractive grazing land, i.e. Kami Kharka. Overnight at the campsite in Kami Kharka.

Trek Time: 4-5 hours

Altitude Gain: 3,000m

Today, you’ll reach out for Pauwa Bas through the steady forest route. The trek is quite easy as it does not demand any serious climb, the walk is just by crossing the beautiful forest of Kami Kharkha. The routes covered with tree roofs will enchant you. Rhododendron is the tree not to miss out, as this reddish tree-flower beautifully decorates the green forest. The forest is also equally populated by the Oak, Juniper and Pine trees. If you are here in the Autumn and Spring season, these trees provide a scenic trekking environment.

Out from the forest, you’ll see a village inhabited totally by the pastoral Nomad peoples. You can lay there for some rest and share wisdom with the free-living souls. The observation of these people can enlighten your thinking as well. After walking for nearly 4 to 5 hours from Kami Kharka(Pasture) you will reach Pauwa Bas(3,000m). Overnight at a campsite in Pauwa Bas.

Trek Time: 5-6 hours

Altitude Gain: 3,000m

By leaving Pauwa Bas behind it is time for the trek to Hile Bhanjyang(3,400m). Today’s destination is at the hill ridge so you have to make an ascend here. Firstly, you will make an uphill climb which takes around 3 hours to reach the top. Upon the reach at the top, you can enjoy the vision of green forest hills and snow mountains.

Then, it’s time to make the gentle descend from the hilltop which takes around 1 to 2 hours to reach the bottom. Enjoying the view of the wide surrounding all the way, you’ll reach Hile Bhanjyang. Night Stay at the campsite in Hile Bhanjyang.

Trek Time: 4 hours

Altitude Gain: 3,000m

Today will be the shortest trek day of the entire Panch Pokhari Trek itinerary, you have to walk for just 4 hours. The four-hour-long stretch will take you to Nasim Pati(3,700m). You’ll start with the steep climb by enjoying and relishing the picturesque views. With the greenery surrounding it is very enjoyable to walk even the uphill route.

With some more hours of a gentle and slow climb through the Rhododendron hills, you’ll reach the gateway of Panch Pokhari Lake, Nasim Pati. From Nasim Pati, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding hills and mountains. Overnight at the campsite in Nasim Pati.

Trek Time: 4 hours

Altitude Gain: 4,100m

Today is the most awaited day of the Panch Pokhari trek itinerary because you’ll get to see the beautiful lakes of Panch Pokhari. But before that, you have to make the ascent of 4 hours from Nasim Pati to Panch Pokhari. You’ll pass through the Lauribinayak Pass to reach Panch Pokhari site. Along the climb, you’ll get impressed by the view of distant villages, alpine forests, snowy mountains. And then you’ll arrive at the highest point of Panch Pokhari trek, Panch Pokhari(4,100m).

Panch Pokhari means Five Lakes, Panch Pokhari is a beautiful site with five small lakes on the plain hillock. You will stroll around the edges of the Lake to get natural pleasure. These lakes play religious importance to the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages.

From the top of Panch Pokhari Hillock, you can see the alluring mountains as well. Various mountain ranges like Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang Himal Range, Jugal Himalayan Range are clearly observable from the Panch Pokhari ridge. After the view, you will call it a day by joining the campsite at Panch Pokhari.

Trek Time: 3 hours

Altitude Gain: 3700m

After finally making it to Panch Pokhari, it’s time to return home. So, on the first homecoming day of Panch Pokhari trek, you’ll make a descent to Nasim Pati.

You’ll retrace the same route to return to Nasim Pati.

You have to do gentle descents through the downsloping trail. Then cross the Lauribinayak pass once again to view the clear forest and rocky landscapes. And after the slow and steady downfall of 3 hours, you’ll be back again at Nasim Pati. Overnight at the Campsite in Nasim Pati.

Trek Time: 6 hours

Altitude Gain: 2,100m

After another night at Nasim Pati, you’ll make a stretch to reach the Dhukang before the nightfall. You’ll start the trek through the alluring trails dotted with the various tree species like Oak, Juniper, Rhododendron, etc. If lucky, you will also see some Himalayan deers and monkeys roaming around the forests. Make out of the forest and you will come across the Buddhist Chortens decorated with the colourful prayer flags.

Walking for 6 hours through the beautiful trekking route that started from the Nasim Pati, you’ll finally reach the Dhukang(2,100m). It is a small village mostly populated by the Sherpas and Tamangs. You’ll explore the hardship lifestyles of these tribes. Here at Dhukang, you can also roam around the monasteries of the village. Dhukang village is just perfect for cultural exploration. Overnight at the campsite in Dhukang.

Trek Time: 6 hours

Altitude Gain: 1,200m

From Dhukang, you will start the 6 hours long down trek to Dhap. You’ll make continuous descent until reaching the riverbed of the Indravati River. And following the banks of the river, you will march forward to Dhap. While walking the bank trials, you will view some local settlements and their farmlands. You‘ll come across some people ploughing their fields with the bulls.

Dhap is another settlement of the lower Solukhumbu region inhabited by the Tamang and Sherpa communities. Dhap has a relatively developed village with the market and school around. You can try local snacks at the market of Dhap village. The Dhap will be the last camping area of the entire Panch Pokhari trek. Overnight at the Camp in Dhap.

Trek Time: 6 hours

Altitude Gain: 800m

Today, you’ll hit the lowest altitude of this entire Panch Pokhari trek, i.e. Melamchi Pul Bazaar(800m). Before that, you have to walk down from Dhap to Melamchi Pul Bazaar. Firstly, you’ll follow the easy riverbed trail of the Indravati River. Following this route, you’ll pass by various villages and farm terraces.

Also, you’ll cross the famous Melamchi Hydropower station. After the 6 hours of trek from Dhap, you’ll get to see the market of Melamchi Pul Bazaar. This area is a bit more developed than the prior stops. Melamchi Pul Bazaar is the last rural overnight destination of Panch Pokhari trek, so make the most of it. Nightstand at the lodge of Melamchi Pul Bazaar.

Drive Time: 3-4 hours

Altitude Gain: 1400m

Now it’s time to return to Kathmandu. You’ll do a 4 hours long scenic bus ride from Melamchi to Kathmandu via Melamchi-Helambu road. Upon your arrival at Kathmandu, you’ll enjoy your tour success and farewell dinner in the evening.

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Panch Pokhari Trek 12 Days Itinerary