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4 Days

Are you planning to go trekking in the routes of the Far-western development region of Nepal? Then Rara Lake short trek presented to you by Radiant Treks is a great choice. This package is specially made for people having limited time.

4 days Rara Lake Short Trek itinerary takes you through a magical journey in the biggest and deepest lake of Nepal. The beautiful lake is about 167 m deep and 2.7 km wide.

Rara Lake is situated at an altitude of 2990 m above sea level and lies in the Jumla and Mugu District. It is located in the Karnali zone and is part of the Rara National Park.

Rara National Park was established in the year 1976 to protect the unique species of flora and fauna found in the Humla and Jumla region. Rara lake is one of its main features that attracts many tourists to visit this place every year.

Rara is a beautiful lake that is surrounded by lush green hills on each side. The hills are filled with trees of juniper and if you like you can camp near the lake. The lake also offers boating in its clear water.

You can also hike on the hill that is located near the lake to get a close-up view of mountains and lakes. If you like you can also go cycling or horse riding in the Rara region.

You will be astounded by the beauty of this lake that is isolated and unspoiled compared to other trekking destinations of Nepal. The majority of people living in this region belong to the Thakuri community.

You begin your journey from Kathmandu by driving all the way to Nepaljung. Along the way, you will see many small towns and beautiful valleys. Viewing them you stay there for the night.

And carry on your journey by flying till Talcha Airport situated in Mugu. You get to view the beautiful landscapes and mountain peaks out of your window. Reaching mugu you trek to Rara Lake where you will be spending your night.

The next day you hike up till Murma Top to view the scenic views. And spending some time there you head back to Rara Homestay. Following day you ride a horse to Salleri and fly back to Nepaljung from there.

Reaching Nepalgunj you drive back to Kathmandu with the awesome memories you have made in this trek.

While trekking in these routes, you can also see different species of fauna such as Himalayan black bear, Clouded Leopard, Musk deer, etc. Also, the lake is home for Snow Trout, an endemic fish.

Along the way, you also get to view many snowy peaks such as Chuchemare, Ruman Kand, Malika Kand, etc.

You might regret it later if you miss our Rara Lake Short Trek. So, grab this opportunity and embark on this exciting trek that takes you on an adventurous journey.

Highlights of Rara Lake Short Trek

  • Flight to mugu
  • Horse riding to Salleri
  • Trek to Murma Top
  • Explore the beautiful Rara lake
  • Spectacular view of various mountain peaks
  • Unique species of flora and fauna

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You will be traveling about 371km on the northwest side of Kathmandu in the Himalaya region. Our 4 days Rara Lake Short Trek itinerary gives you brief details about this trip.

Drive Distance: 515.7 km

Drive Duration: 11 to 12 hours

Maximum Altitude: 150 m above sea level

You begin your Rara Lake Short Trek journey by driving towards Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. It is a long drive as you will spend half of the day inside the bus.

As you head out the busy and noisy capital city. You get surrounded by beautiful green valleys throughout the way. Along the way, you will be passing many small towns.

You will be heading towards the Terai region from the Hilly region. So it starts to get hotter as you move ahead on the roads. Reaching Nepalgunj you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Nepalgunj is one of the hottest cities of Nepal where the temperature ranges from above 40 degrees during the Summer season.

You will be staying here for the night.

Flight Distance (Talcha Airport): 165 km

Flight Duration (Talcha Airport): 40 to 45 minutes

Maximum Altitude (Talcha Airport): 2735 m above sea level

On the second day of your trip, you will be heading towards the highlight of your trek Rara Lake. Today’s journey will be quite an exciting one for you as you get to fly till Talcha airport and trek from there.

You wake up early to catch your flight to Talcha Airport. As you board the plane and fly into the sky you get to see the beautiful scenic views from out your window.

The closer you get to the Himalayan region the clearer mountain peaks tend to get. Viewing them you reach Talcha airport that is situated at an altitude above 2000 m.

Talcha airport is also known as Rara airport that lies in the Mugu District. Rara lake is quite near from here.

Trek Distance (Rara): 1.5 km

Trek Duration (Rara): 2 to 3 hours

Maximum Altitude (Rara): 2990 m above sea level

Reaching the airport you now begin your journey towards Rara which is a few hours walk. You will be walking in the trails of Rara National Park filled with beautiful flowers of Rhododendron and other species of flora.

If you are lucky you might even spot some faunas that live inside the beautiful park such as Himalayan black bear, Musk deer, etc. You will be making a slight ascend in the trails to reach today’s destination.

As you arrive at Rara you will be astounded by the breathtaking view of the lake surrounded by beautiful green hills all around. You can also see a few numbers of homestay near the lake.

You stay here for the night

Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Maximum Altitude: 3630 m above sea level

On the third day of your trek, you will be heading towards Murma Top which is a famous destination that gives an unobstructed sight of Lake Rara.

You wake up early and set your journey above an altitude of 3000 m. So it is better to walk slowly and drink plenty of water. As some might suffer from altitude sickness.

You will be passing through the beautiful Murma village making a steep climb on the trails to reach Murma Top.

As you arrive there, you will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking view of Rara lake this place has to offer. Viewing the scenic views you explore around the area and head back to your homestay retracing your steps.

Returning back you can roam around the Rara Lake and see wildflowers near the lake. Or you can do other activities this place has to offer such as cycling, boating, etc.

This is your last night in the Rara region so don’t forget to capture the beauty of this place.

You stay here for the night.

The fourth day is your last day of this trek, you will be heading back to Kathmandu this day.

You wake up early and pack your bags head towards Salleri. You will be riding a horse until there. From there you catch a flight back to Nepaljung viewing the beautiful peaks for the last time before you reach the airport.

Then from there, you drive back to Kathmandu retracing your roadways. And viewing the scenes till you enter the crowded city.

Returning back we the members of Radiant Treks bid you farewell hoping you had an amazing experience in this Rara Lake Short Trek. And you will be remembering us in the near future for your other treks.

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Rara Lake Short Trek – Fly in Fly Out Tour