Tamang Heritage Trek 7 Days Itinerary

Tamang Heritage Trek is the new trekking route that has been recently discovered near the Langtang region. This trek takes you on an exciting journey through the Himalayas between Ganesh Himal and Langtang ranges. Viewing the beautiful culture and lifestyle of Tamang Villages throughout the way.

The trails of Tamang Heritage trek are quite famous among trekkers that visit the Langtang region. It is a short trek that can be finished in a few day’s periods. Many trekkers plan this route as a side trek while doing the Langtang Valley Trek.

Tamang Heritage Trek lies on the north side of Kathmandu and is situated in the Rasuwa District. It is a budget-friendly trek that gives amazing memories that lasts a lifetime.

This trek is also popularly known as the Langtang Tamang Heritage trek. As it is located near the Tibetan borders and Langtang National Park.

The Majority of people living in this area belong to the Tamang community. These people are highly influenced by Tibetan culture and most of them are followers of Buddhism. They still rely on agriculture and trade for a living.

Other communities such as Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, etc are also found in these trails. You will be astounded by the wonderful hospitality these people provide to their guests.

You begin this trek by leaving the beautiful and noisy Kathmandu valley and head towards Syarubesi where you will stay for the night. The next day, your trekking journey begins as you walk towards Gatlang and stay there for the night.

From there, you trek till Tatopani which is one of the natural hot spring destinations for trekkers. You can bath and relax there as you will be staying in one of the lodges for the night.

After that, you leave Tatopani and head towards Thuman viewing beautiful scenarios. And stay there for the night.

Then you trek till Briddim from there and stay for the night. The next is your last day in this region as you stay in Syarubesi for the night. And return back to Kathmandu from there.

On this trek, you get to explore the beautiful Tamang valleys and Monasteries filled with unique arts, architecture, prayer flags, and their Tibetan culture. Also the mesmerizing view of Mountain peaks such as Ganesh Himal, Langtang Ranges, Dorje Lakpa, Shringi Himal, etc.

You will walk in paths filled with beautiful flowers of rhododendron, trees of oaks, pines, and if you are lucky you might also get to view the wildlife living in these areas.

Going on an adventure as you walk on the off-beaten trails that have been developed not too long ago. And passing through Cultural and Traditional Tamang Villages and ancient monasteries is a great experience.

So don’t miss this Tamang Heritage Trek opportunity brought to you by Radiant Treks. The memories created on this route will be pretty extraordinary.

By the end of this trek, you will be grateful for not letting this trek that leads you through amazing Tamang settlements go to waste.

Highlights of Tamang Heritage Trek

  • Explore Tibetan influenced culture
  • View the magnificent mountain range of Langtang and Ganesh Himal
  • Other mountain peaks such as Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, and many more
  • The lifestyle of the Tamang Community
  • Pass through beautiful forest trails
  • Experience warm welcome and hospitality
  • Visit natural hot spring
  • Short budget-friendly trek

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Drive Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Drive Distance: 122 km

Maximum Altitude: 1450 m above sea level

Today is the first day of your Tamang Heritage Trek journey which you begin by heading towards Syarubesi leaving the busy and noisy streets of Kathmandu behind.

Kathmandu being the capital city provides many proper facilities and attraction sites. As the only international airport is situated here, this is the first place to be visited.

You can add an extra day on your trip to roam this city. It has many UNESCO protected Heritage sites you can visit such as Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath Stupa, etc. Also, the nightlife is not to be missed.

As you drive out of the city you will notice lush green hills surrounding you. You will be driving along the trishuli rivers. However, the roads are uneven in some parts so it can be a bumpy drive.

But the mesmerizing view of some mountain peaks such as Annapurna, Manaslu, etc you get to see as you look out your window will make up for it.

Langtang Tamang Heritage Trek is not very far from Kathmandu. After a 6 to 7 hours drive you arrive Syabrubesi situated at an altitude of 1450 m.

You will be staying the night in one of the lodges here.

Trek duration: 5 to 6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2238 m above sea level

On the second day of the trek, you will be heading towards Gatlang from Syabrubesi which takes 5 to 6 hours time.

Syabrubesi is the starting point for many trekking destinations in the Langtang Region such as Gosaikunda Trek, etc. But for this trek, you won’t be taking that route.

Instead, you make an ascend towards the direction that leads to the Viewpoint. After walking for about an hour and a half you reach there, giving the mesmerizing sight of Ganesh Himal and the Goljang Valley.

Then you descend in the trails that lead you to Goljany Valley which is about an hour walk. From there you head on the trails walking for about 3 hours and reach Gatlang.

This is a beautiful Tamang valley situated at an altitude of 2238 m. you will be staying here for the night.

Trek duration: 5 to 6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2607 m above sea level

On your third day of this trek, you will be heading towards Tatopani which is about 5 to 6 hours walk from Gatlang.

You begin this day’s walk by making a descend in the trails till you reach Thangbuchet on the sides of a small river. Then from there crossing a hanging bridge you will take an uphill climb until you arrive at Tatopani.

Tatopani is a small town situated at an altitude of 2607 m. This place is one of the famous destinations for trekkers. Tatopani means “Hot Water” in English, as its name says this is a natural hot spring.

The water comes directly from the ground below. You relax your body in this water as it removes the aches and pains away.

You will be staying in one of the lodges for the night.

Trek duration: 7 to 8 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2338 m

On your fourth day of this trek, you will be heading towards Thuman which is about 7 to 8 hours walk from Tatopani.

You will wake up early and begin your journey by ascending in the trails that lead to a high open grassland named Nagthali Danda situated at an altitude of 3300 m.

You will walk past many small settlements viewing houses made of bricks and stones. Then reach Nagathali Danda, a viewpoint from where the sight of mountain ranges looks awesome.

From there you continue to head down on the trails till you reach Thuman situated at an altitude of 2338 m. This is a beautiful small settlement of Tamang people that showcases traditional music and dance to the trekkers.

You will be staying here for the night.

Trek duration: 4 to 6 hours

Maximum Altitude: 2229 m above sea level

On the fifth day of this trek, you head towards Briddim which is about 4 to 6 hours walk from Briddim.

You begin this day by walking in leveled trails then make a descend until you reach Timure. From there you head straight in the trails which once used to be the old parts of the trade route to Tibet.

Tibet is about 3 hours walk from there but due to the high presence of police in the route, it’s not possible to make the walk.

Following the trails, you reach Briddim situated at an altitude of 2229 m. This is another Tamang village where you will be staying in a local house. The Nepalese cuisine they offer is very traditional.

You get to experience first-hand hospitality which is a unique opportunity. Stay here for the night

Trek duration: 4 to 5 hours

Maximum Altitude: 1450 m above sea level

On your sixth day of this trek, you will be heading towards Syabrubesi which is about 4 to 5 hours walk from Briddim.

Your trek today is quite short and easy as you return back to your starting point.

As you descend the trails you walk through many scattered forests filled with Rhododendron, Pines, Oaks, etc.

Walking past small villages and looking at the mesmerizing mountain peaks you reach Syarubesi.

The rest of the day is unplanned so you can explore the town and visit local handicraft shops that sell shawls, aprons, statues, etc. Or you can just relax for the day. Today is your last day in this region so take as much as snaps you want.

You will be staying here for the night.

Drive duration: 6 to 7 hours

Drive Distance: 122 km

Maximum Altitude: 1400 m above sea level

The seventh day is the last day of this trek, you will now return back to Kathmandu which is about a 6 to 7 hours drive from Syarubesi.

Reaching Kathmandu we bid you goodbye hoping you had a great time. And made some great memories to remember us the members of Radiant Treks.

Best time to visit Tamang Heritage Trek

Trekkers usually prefer the season of Autumn and Spring which is considered the best time to visit Tamang Heritage Trek. But you can go trekking in this route any season you want.

Each season lets you experience something new while trekking in this route. A brief explanation of each season is given below:

Spring Season

Spring season falls under the months of March, April, and May. These Months are the crowded time of the year. The routes are packed with trekkers that love to view nature get its lost beauty back.

The forest paths are covered with buds of flowers ready to bloom. And the trees getting their lost greenery back. It is an awestruck sight for nature lovers.

Also, the clear blue skies give out the outstanding view of Mountain peaks throughout the way. The days are sunny making it a bit hot while walking. While the nights are at a normal temperature.

These views are some memorable moments you don’t want to miss.

Monsoon Season

Among the four-season, this is the least preferred time for trekking. Monsoon season falls under the months of June, July, and August.

During these months, the routes are visited by researchers and botanists. This is the season when heavy rainfall occurs. It can rain continuously for days creating high chances of Landslides and flood being an obstacle for your trek.

The walks are thrilling and challenging too due to slippery mud and pests. But these are also the time when unique species of flora and fauna grow in the forest trails. So, if you have made your mind, be careful and walk slowly.

Autumn Season

Autumn Season falls under the months of September, October, and November. This is the peak season for trekking in the trails of Tamang Heritage Trek. These are the months when the routes are most crowded with hordes of trekkers.

The weather and temperature are just perfect, giving out the best experience of trekking. The beauty of nature is at its top making the walk quite remarkable. And the clear skies let you see the magnificent peaks.

It is sunny and warm during the day but it can be chilly during the night. So, it is better to carry warm clothes along this trek.

Winter Season

Winter season falls under the months of December, January, and February. This is the off-season time for trekking on this trail. The routes are quite peaceful and a plus point if you love walking in silence.

The glorious peaks will be covered in blankets of snowing making the view quite mesmerizing with the crystal clear sky.

But it is the coldest time of the year when the temperature tends to drop below negative. However, the daytime walk can be warm but it will be very cold during the night.

So, if you are a cold lover that can handle cold pretty well then you can visit Tamang Heritage Trek during this time of the year.

Route Difficulty In Tamang Heritage Trek

This trek has been graded as an easy to moderate level walk. So, even if this is your first-time trekking you can complete it easily with proper training.

This trek does not require any technical training, only physical training. Such as cycling, short hikes, etc. However, a fit body and mindset are needed before you go on this trek.

So you can do this training 2 weeks prior to the actual trek.

Altitude Sickness

While trekking in high elevation altitude sickness has always been a major concern for trekkers. But you don’t have to worry about that on this trek.

This trek is a lower altitude trekking destination so there are low chances of getting Altitude sickness. But it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. So drink plenty of water and walk slowly.

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Tamang Heritage Trek 7 Days Itinerary