Tsho Rolpa Trek

The Tsho Rolpa Trek is an incredible trekking journey located in the Rolwaling Valley region. This off the beaten trek takes you to the magical turquoise lake of Tsho Rolpa (4580 m). The biggest glacier lake in Nepal remains located between Langtang and Everest mountain ranges.

The Rolwaling Valley is one of the seven hidden valleys according to various mythologies. The Himalayan rivers, mani walls, Rhododendron forests, terraced farmed hills, and serene waterfalls will spellbind you. Trekkers can observe magnificent views of Gauri Shankar (7145m), Melungtse (7181m), and other snow-capped mountains.

“Tsho” literally means lake and “Rolpa ” means Rolwaling valley in the Sherpa language. Protected by the Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP), Tsho Rolpa lake is one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the world. The swiss project constructed trails are well marked and have proper demarcations and information.

Moreover, there is also a beautiful Cantilever Bridge which is one of the main attractions of this trek. Tsho Rolpa trek itinerary requires 6-8 hours of walk a day. Hence, a basic level of fitness and proper training is essential for the trek. Acclimatization and hydration at regular intervals will help you immensely during the trek.

The trekkers also have the opportunity to explore the culture and lifestyle of the Sherpa and other communities. Their warm welcome and incredible hospitality will make you fall in love with the place. This exciting trek is available at a reasonable cost. Read further to know more about the Tsho Rolpa Trek itinerary and other relevant information in detail.

Significant Highlights of the Tsho Rolpa Trek

  • Breathtaking mountain views of Gauri Shankar (7145m), Melungtse (7181m), and other snow-capped mountains
  • Exploring beautiful turquoise Tsho Rolpa Lake (4580m)
  • Gorgeous sunrise and sunsets from various points along the trail
  • Exploring the culture, heritage, and tradition of the Sherpa community
  • Rare and endangered wildlife spotting along the trail
  • Bird watching opportunity along the trail
  • Tasting the delicious local cuisine
  • Incredible hospitality at tea houses along the trail

When is the Best Time for the Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek?

Tsho Rolpa Trek

Autumn and Spring are peak seasons for trekking in Nepal. There are stable weather conditions in the region along with minimal rainfall in these seasons that make them ideal for a trekking adventure.

Autumn (September-November)

The months from September to November in Autumn are ideal for Tsho Rolpa trek. Similarly, there are moderate temperatures and less rainfall that makes it perfect for trekking. Besides that, Autumn is also time for complete cultural exploration as many festivals like Dashain, Tihar, and others fall in this season.

Spring (March-May)

March to May in Spring is another peak time for trekking the Tsho Rolpa Lake. Rhododendron and other wildflowers bloom all over the hills painting them red and pink. Moreover, the beautiful weather and ideal day time trekking temperatures are significant highlights of the trek in Spring.

Off-season treks in the monsoon and the winter season are incredibly challenging. Also, the slippery and leech-infested trails due to heavy rainfalls in monsoon is a significant difficulty.

Moreover, avalanches and landslides are also quite common in monsoon seasons. Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures and frozen trails make Tsho Rolpa Lake trek challenging in winters. Hence, the best time for the Tsho Rolpa Lake trek is Autumn and the Spring season.

How Difficult is the Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek?

Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek is a newly built challenging trail in Nepal. Altitude is a major difficulty during the trek with a maximum elevation of 4580 m. This high altitude trek has the risk of altitude sickness. Therefore, proper acclimatization and regular hydration are essential. Besides, you should trek at a gradual pace and not hurry during the trek.

Moreover, the rugged trail includes a lot of stony steps, which are a challenge for trekkers. You will need to trek the narrow landscapes which make Tsho Rolpa Lake trek quite difficult. Hence, a good training regime with aerobic and cardiovascular activities is essential before the start of a trek.

Furthermore, the weather conditions remain unpredictable in the higher altitude region. Hence, you should check the weather updates before the trek. Similarly, you should also pack well for the trip with proper trekking gear and equipment. Overall, the Tsho Rolpa Lake trek is moderately challenging but with proper preparation and packing, it is quite adventurous.

Food and Accommodation in Tsho Rolpa Lake Trek

Food On The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Tsho Rolpa trek offers you basic food and accommodation. You will stay in local community-run teahouses and will get a twin bed, a pillow, a clean mattress, and a warm blanket. Moreover, you should carry toiletries along with a sleeping bag as they are not provided in teahouses.

The food served in tea houses is basic too. The Nepalese dish of Dal Bhaat gets served twice during the day. You will get served steamed white rice, dal (pulses), vegetables, lentils, Gundruk, meat (with added price), pickles, and others. However, you should avoid meat as there are fewer chances of them being fresh at higher altitude regions.

Besides that, a limited variety of international cuisine including pizza, momo, burger, Chowmein, pasta, and others are also served in some of the teahouses. The beverages like Tea, Coffee, Mint tea, Rhododendron tea, Hot chocolate, Garlic soup are also available.

You can carry your own tea bags, coffee, and juice powder to save costs. However, you should not drink alcoholic beverages along trek as they might cause altitude sickness among trekkers. The accommodations in tea houses are not at all fancy. Hence, you will need to manage your expectations.

The Final Say

Tsho Rolpa lake located in Rolwaling valley between the Everest and Langtang mountain ranges is an incredible trekking destination. The off the beaten Tsho Rolpa trek is an opportunity for nature lovers to trek peacefully in beautiful natural terrains of Nepal.

Moreover, this trek gives you an opportunity to explore the cultural aspects of the region as well. The trek is challenging as well as exciting and will test you to the core. Contact us for more details and book with us for a safe and comfortable trekking experience!

Tsho Rolpa Trek Itinerary in Detail

Maximum altitude: 1350m

Drive duration: 6-7 hours

Tsho Rolpa Lake trek starts with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Shigati. The journey continues through the serpentine roads of the Araniko highway. We drive alongside Bhote Koshi and Sun Koshi rivers observing majestic snow-capped mountain views.

We have our lunch and continue our drive with magical views of the terraced farmed hills. The drive moves along the pristine TamaKoshi River as we can observe a distant view of Mt. Gaurishankar (7134m). We arrive at Shigati after our 6-7 hours journey and stay overnight at a lodge.

Maximum altitude: 1440m

Trek duration: 5-6 hours

After having breakfast, we start trekking along a narrow trail. We then cross the Tama Koshi River through a suspension bridge and climb uphill. The trails pass through Suri Dhoban from where you can observe magnificent views of Gaurishankar (7134m).

We cross various Mani stones and prayer wheels on the trail to arrive at the Manthali village. After a trek of a few hours along the riverbank and crossing several suspension bridges, we will arrive at Jagat. We will spend the night at a teahouse in Jagat.

Maximum altitude: 1990m

Trek duration: 5 hours

After having breakfast, we start trekking downhill to the riverbank through the forested zone. We then cross a suspension bridge over a small river to arrive at Gonggar village.

The trail then takes you through the stone steps and we can observe the pristine waterfalls. We will then arrive at the vast fields at the Sherpa village of Chhetchhet. We continue our ascent through the terraced farmed hills.

The trail arrives at Simigaon from where we can observe Mt. Gaurishankar (7134m). The Buddhist Monasteries, Chortens, mani walls, and other religious landmarks of the region will spellbind you. We will spend the night at a teahouse in Simigaon.

Maximum altitude: 2990m

Trek duration: 6 hours

After breakfast, we start trekking from Simigaon downhill to a slope before climbing uphill through the majestic stone steps. We continue our trek through the forested trail to arrive at the Rolwaling River. The trail then ascends the cliff that leads us to the Gyalchen where we stay overnight at a teahouse.

Maximum altitude: 3,690m

Trek duration: 4 hours

We will have breakfast and start our trek passing through the forested trail that leads us to Nyamare. We have lunch and continue our trek on the trail to arrive at Bedding, the largest settlement in the Rolwaling region.

The magnificent views of the snow-capped mountains and the pristine waterfalls will enchant you. There is an ancient Gompa in the village entry. We will spend the night at a teahouse in Bedding.

Maximum altitude: 4180m

Trek duration: 5 hours

After having our breakfast, we start our trekking journey from Beding to Na Gaun. The trek starts with an uphill climb toward the right bank of Rolwaling River. We can observe an alternate view of the majestic Gaurishankar (7134m) before we arrived in Dhogre.

The trail leads us to the U-shaped valley and vast grasslands of the region. We pass through Mani stones covered in prayer flags along the trail. A large Bodhisattva painting on a rock will welcome you.

After trekking for a few hours, We will arrive at Na Gaon. Na Gaon lies below the snow-capped mountains and remains enclosed by stone walls to protect crops from harsh winds and wild animals. We will spend the night at a teahouse in Na Gaon.

We will have breakfast, and start our acclimatization and exploration tour of the Na village. A short hike will lead you to Ramdung from where you can observe the Gauri Shanker, Yalung, Menlung, and other mountains in Tibet. We also explore the Yalung Glacier camp. The snowy place will enchant you. We will stay overnight at a teahouse in Na village.

Maximum altitude: 4,588m

Trek duration: 7 hours

We will start our trekking adventure to the pristine Tsho Rolpa Lake after breakfast. The trail passes through beautiful landscapes to arrive at Tsho Rolpa lake.

We cross suspension bridges over the Rolwaling River and leave Na Gaon. The trail takes you through a challenging uphill path as we arrive at the vast green meadows. We then arrive at the two glaciers before entering the valley.

The trekkers need to cross rocky moraines of Rolwaling Glacier, to arrive at Tsho Rolpa Lake. The pristine Lake will overwhelm you with magical beauties. We explore further and spend the night at a tented camp or a teahouse.

We will start our Tsho Rolpa Lake tour after breakfast. The Tsho Rolpa Lake (4580 m) is the biggest glacial lake in Nepal. This turquoise lake surrounded by Himalayan mountains is breathtaking. You can observe the reflection of the mountains on the lake.

Furthermore, the lake is gradually growing in size due to global warming and the melting of glaciers in recent decades. We will explore and take incredible pictures of the Tsho Rolpa Lake. We will spend the night at a tent camp or a teahouse.

Maximum altitude: 4588m

Trek duration: 7 hours

We will start our trekking adventure from Tsho Rolpa Lake to Beding. We explore the magical glacial lake and take incredible pictures and trek back the same route.

We rest at Na Gaon lunch and then continue our trek towards Bedding following the Rolwaling River trail. After a trek of a few hours, We will arrive at Bedding, and spend the night at a teahouse.

Maximum altitude: 3976m

Trek duration: 6 hours

We will start trekking to the magnificent Daldung la pass from Bedding. The challenging uphill trek passes through the diverse biodiversity of the region. We will cross a huge suspension bridge over a deep gorge.

You will trek beautiful Sherpa villages while observing with snow-capped mountains. The temporary Yak shed called Yak Naka along the trail will enthrall you. After trekking for a few hours, you will arrive at the Daldung La pass and spend the night at a teahouse.

Maximum altitude: 3976m

Trek duration: 6 hours

We will start trekking from Daldung la pass to Simi gaon after breakfast. The descending trail from Kyalche is quite challenging. We will arrive at Simigaun after a trek of a few hours passing through the stone stairs. We will spend the night at a tea house in Simi gaon.

Maximum altitude: 1900m

Trek duration: 6 hours

We will start trekking uphill on a snowy trail after breakfast. The beautiful trail passes through terraced farmed hills, waterfalls, and rivers. We cross suspension bridges finally arrive at Jagat after a trek of a few hours. We will spend the night at a teahouse in Jagat.

Maximum altitude: 1500m

Trek duration: 6 hours

We will start our trek from Jagat to Shigati After breakfast. After crossing suspension bridges we follow the river bank to arrive at the Manthali. We will then descend the trails covered in Mani stones and prayer wheels.

We will pass through the Suri Dobhan and observe the awe-inspiring views of Gaurishankar (7134m). We then follow the Tama Koshi River, the narrow trails, to arrive at Shigati.

Maximum altitude: 1350m

Drive duration: 6-7 hours

Our Tsho Rolpa trek itinerary comes to an official end. We will start our driving journey from Shigati to Kathmandu. After a drive of 6-7 hours through the scenic Araniko highway, we arrive at Kathmandu.

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Tsho Rolpa Trek