Upper Mustang Trek (3810 m)

14 Days

Want to take a trip to the unscathed lands of Nepal with beautiful views and historical ruins? Well, we have brought to you Upper Mustang Trek. A 14-day trek filled with one adventure after another. The trek where you will feel as if you have entered a completely different dimension with traditional lifestyle and beautiful sceneries surrounding you.

Before deciding on taking this trek, let’s learn a bit more about Mustang. With its literal meaning being fertile land, Mustang provides you with beautiful sceneries of the mountains, the green pastures, tiny villages, grand canyons and magnificent landscapes. The Upper Mustang Trek is a unique trek among the uncharted lands of the people who are still living the traditional life without having modern technology take over it.

The whole trek will show you a slow transition of culture from the Mustangi to the Tibetan culture. The people there live their lives in the rocky mountainous terrain without most of hte technology here. Tea houses are mostly made of mud and stones. Like I said earlier it is like venturing the uncharted waters, a different dimension. You will not regret taking this unique adventurous trek to the Upper Mustang.

The 14 days trek begins as you get on your scenic bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The trek takes you through the beautiful valley at Jomsom where your actual trek begins. The flight from Pokhara to Jomsom is another luxurious trip in the 14 days of the Upper Mustang Trek experience.

The trek takes you along on an adventurous journey through the rainshadow area to the main attraction of the trek i.e., Lo Manthang through Syangboche. The trail to Lo Manthang presents you with beautiful religious Chortens and fascinating historical palaces and ruins.

The way back from Lo-Manthang follows the same route you took earlier. You follow the trails back from Dhamkar to Syangbochen back to Jomsom. Your trekking part is completed as you board your flight from Jomsom and head back to Pokhara. Enjoy your way back to Kathmandu with beautiful scenes of the surrounding landscapes.

Upper Mustang Trek Highlights

Historical ruins of ancient kingdoms

Upper Mustang trek offers you a wide range of attractions from mountains to people. However, the main attraction of the Upper Mustang is the ancient kingdom. The ruins of the ancient kingdoms with historical importance can still be seen in Mustang.

Picturesque mountain views

The Upper Mustang Trek routes take you through an adventurous journey with the most beautiful picturesque mountain views of the mountains like the Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri. The mountains will look over you as you walk down the passes in the region.

Rainshadow region

Another major highlight of this region is that Mustang is a rainshadow area. This means that the Upper Mustang region faces no rainfall even in the rainy monsoon season. So, you have no worries about rainfall abruptly ruining your plans for the trek during your Upper Mustang Trek.

Unique cultural and religious exposure

The Upper Mustang region is a remote area unscathed with modern technology. So, the culture and the religions there is mostly new to us and preserved very well. The Tibetan and Manangi culture blending in with each other is one of the main attractions of the Upper Mustang Region. Also, there are many monasteries and Chortens and Gompas in the region with historical, social as well as legal importance to the locals.

Scenic flight to and from Jomsom

The scenic flight to and from Jomsom is another major attraction of this trek. With the scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and back, you get to admire the beauty of the city of Pokhara and its Lakes along with the snowy Jomsom Valley with the mountains standing tall on the north. This is a beautiful sight to see that will make you forget the hardships of the trek.

World’s deepest gorge

Also, the deepest gorge of the Kali Gandaki river is another major attraction of this trek. As the trail follows the riverbanks of the world’s deepest gorge, you get to see the Kali Gandaki river and its surrounding valleys in full view. With the valley and the river holding its sacred importance to the locals, the gorge is an amazing sight to see when surrounded by mountains and the beautiful flora and fauna.

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Total distance: 200.9 km

Time Duration: 6-7 hours

Max. Altitude: 1,400 m

With the 14 days, Upper Mustang trek itinerary provided by Radiant Treks, your one of a kind trek starts today as you get on the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. The scenic ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara will take around 6-7 hours.

The beautiful landscapes you see along the road combined with the beautiful tiny streams and rivers and unique lifestyle of the people will keep you entertained throughout the ride. The smooth ride will also let you see some magnificent views of the mountains upon getting closer to the city of lakes, Pokhara. As soon as you reach Pokhara, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful lakes and the traditional stores on the streets.

What’s the point of coming to Pokhara if you can’t explore the lakeside at night or boat, right? You get to explore the nightlife of Pokhara or go boating if you reach early enough. Enjoy your stay in Pokhara for the night.

Total distance: 155.3 km

Flight time Duration: 20 minutes

Total distance: 11.4 km

Trek duration: 3-4 hours

Max. Altitude:2,804 m

The second of our Upper Mustang Trek begins with the scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. The flight will take you soaring through the sky overlooking the beautiful views of the lakes and landscapes and mountains along the way. The flight from Pokhara to Jomsom is popular for its magnificent views and also a shorter way to reach the beautiful village of Jomsom.

After the 20 minutes scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, we will now head towards Kagbeni. Kagbeni is a small village which signifies the beginning of our trek. 3 hours walk alongside the Kaligandaki river will take us to the gateway of Upper Mustang, the Kagbeni Village.

We shall rest tonight at a guesthouse in the village.

Total distance:15.3 km

Time Duration: 7 hours

Max. Altitude:3061 m

After enjoying your warm breakfast at Kagbeni village alongside the beautiful views of the rivers and greenery, today we shall set for Chele. The path to Chele takes us towards the east side of Kaligandaki river. We will be walking along many ridges and then reach a picturesque town with apple trees and mud and stone houses. The town is called Tangbe village.

Moving further north from the Tangbe village, we will cross the Kaligandaki river and set foot on the Chele Village after a short hike. The village is rich in culture that seems like a blend of both the Manangi culture and the Tibetan culture. You can witness and study this culture tonight as we will be staying here for the night.

Total distance: 11.5 km

Time Duration: 6 hours

Max. Altitude:3780 m

From Chele, we will walk along the red canyon through a steep trail. On the way to Syangboche, we will see many small ancient Chortens and beautiful sceneries. The trail is downhill till we reach the beautiful village of Samar. From there, we will take a short hike after crossing a stream and then passing two ridges finally reach Syangbochen. We will stay the night at Syangboche.

Total distance: 9.3 km

Time Duration: 5 hours

Max. Altitude:3810 m

There are many passes in this region. These passes are at an altitude of 3700-3800 meters. We will hike up to a pass at 3770 meters and walk to the village of Geling. The beautiful village will then lead us through tough terrain to the Nyi La Pass at 3840 meters. A short descent from the pass will lead us to Ghami. Ghami is a village by an overhanging cliff covered with whitewashed stone and mud houses. We will stay at a guesthouse in Ghami for the night.

Total distance:11.1 km

Time Duration: 4 hours

Max. Altitude: 3570 meters

Today we will leave for Charang. This is known as the driest part of the Mustang region. The terrain is tough so prepare yourselves for today’s trek. The trail may be tiring but the destination is very rewarding as we get to see the beautiful landscapes with rocky mountains on all sides of unique shapes. After walking for a few hours in the desert-like plains, we will reach the village of Charang near the Charang Chu Canyon. The village is filled with beautiful thanas and statues. We will stay overnight in the village at a comfortable guesthouse.

Total distance: 13.6 km

Time Duration: 5 hours

Max. Altitude:3,825 m

After resting up at Charang, we will now head to Lo-Manthang. The trail starts by descending from the canyon and passes through the oldest Gompa in Nepal, Lo-Gekar. The trail leads you to the city of Lo. This is one of the major attractions of the Upper Mustang Trek. Here, you get the opportunity to explore the ancient monasteries and temples along with the historical palace of the Lo-Manthang where the King and Queen reside. Also, you can get horses for the tour without having to walk through the tour for a certain distance.

Max. Altitude:3,825 m

You get an extra day to explore the Lo-Manthang as there is yet a lot to be explored. Today, your main attraction will be the beautiful gompa at the hilltop known as the Namgyal Gompa. This serves religious, social and legal importance to the locals as it also serves as a courthouse for the locals. You can get a lot done on the exploration day as this place has a lot of history and beautiful religious and cultural destinations to show you.

Time Duration: 7-8 hours

Max. Altitude:3,825 m

Today, we will leave the beautiful valley of Lo-Manthang and head towards Dhamkar. The route to Dhankar involves climbing out of the city of Lo-Manthang and crossing the Dhi Pass at the altitude of 4100 meters. As soon as you leave the Lo-Manthang region, you will get to enjoy the splendid views of the valley with the glorious white-capped mountains in the background. After reaching Dhankar, we will have dinner and spend the night there at a guesthouse.

Total distance:

Time Duration:

Max. Altitude: 3,807 m

From Dhamkar, we will now make the descent back to Syangbochen. With the glorious mountains watching over you like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Nilgiri and many more, hiking down to Syangbochen is a beautiful journey back.on the way back, we will see the Ranchen Gompa which is a mysterious Gompa in the region as it is at the lap of a cave.

Time Duration: 6-7 hours

Max. Altitude:3810 m

One the 11th day, we shall set for Chusang from Syangbochen. The route to Chusang is a steep one. You will walk along with the magnificent landscapes and views of the hills and mountains along with distant towns.we will come across a small village of Chukang known as Tetang. This village is an escape from the fierce winds of Mustang hitting the Kali Gandaki river valley.

Total distance: 16.9 km

Time Duration: 5 hours

Max. Altitude: 2980m

This is the last day of our trek in the mustang region. Although this is only the twelfth day of our Upper Mustang trek, the trekking part ends today as we set off on our trek from Chusang to Jomsom. This day is filled with great scenes and beautiful trails. We will first visit the monasteries and ancient fortresses in the Jharkot Village. From there we will begin our descent to Jomsom while relishing the beautiful views of the Kagbeni village and the Kaligandaki river valley.

Total distance: 155.3 km

Time Duration: 20 minutes

Max. Altitude: 2740 m

From Jomsom, we will take an early morning flight and get to Pokhara in around 20 minutes giving us plenty of time to enjoy Pokhara. Today we rest ourselves from the fatigue of the trek by exploring the beautiful city of Pokhara. You can entertain yourself in more ways than one in Pokhara. You can get to the boat, sightseeing is also an option or you can just roam around the city exploring various shops and the lifestyle. The nightlife of Pokhara is beautiful and will keep you busy and entertained fully.

Total distance: 200.9 km

Time Duration: 6 hours

Max. Altitude:1,400 m

After resting yourselves for a day with the beauty of the city of lakes, Pokhara, now we drive back to Kathmandu. The bus ride home will provide you with beautiful views without any walking required. So sit back and enjoy the view. We will reach Kathmandu in around 6-7 hours.after we reach Kathmandu our Upper Mustang Trek is officially over.

What is Included

  • Three-course meals a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the trek.
  • Guesthouse or trekking lodges as accommodations during the trek
  • Permits for the trek including the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit and the special Upper Mustang permit.
  • Tourist bus to and from Pokhara to Kathmandu.
  • Cost of flight tickets from Pokhara to Jomsom and Jomsom to Pokhara
  • An experienced and helpful along with Government License holder mountain guide with great English speaking skills
  • Salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport, and insurance of the staff
  • One porter to be shared among two trekkers.
  • Emergency medical supplies like first aid kit
  • Arrangement of Emergency Helicopter rescue service paid by your Travel Insurance company.
  • Sleeping bags, Down Jacket, Duffel bag and Walking Poles to be rented
  • Government taxes, service charges, and official expenses.
  • Two nights stay in a standard hotel in Pokhara with breakfast.

What is Excluded

  • Airport pick up and drop to the hotel or to airport
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • Extra meals in Pokhara or Kathmandu out of the itinerary
  • Nepal Entry Visa charges
  • Your Travel and Medical Insurance.
  • International Airfare costs.
  • Personal expenses during your trek including drinks and foods.
  • Hot showers in the guesthouses or charging of batteries
  • Tips for the guide, porter, and driver or any other staff
  • Any Excess baggage more than 15kg for Jomsom flight to and back from Pokhara.

Upper Mustang difficulties

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is not common in the Upper Mustang Trek as it does not take you above 4000 meters. However, better be safe than sorry as some may be sensitive to height and get altitude sickness. As long as you take proper breaks and have the medicines like Diamox in hand, you will be safe. Also if you are prone to altitude sickness, it is better for you to avoid meat and alcoholic drinks during the trek.

Physical fitness

With the trek being 14 days long, you will have to walk around a lot during the trek., Upper Mustang trek does not require training or prior experience but it helps to have some experience as the roads are a bit rocky. Some days you will have to walk 7-8 hours a day. So it helps if you have stamina and a lot of it. It is advisable for you to do some cardio or some other exercise preparing for the trek.

Food and accommodation

Being a remote area of Nepal, Upper Mustang region does not have the best modern facilities. However, you will get accommodations at tea houses and also get some homestay chances. The people are very hospitable so you will be comfortable during your stay. Also, the food and accommodations are a bit more costly than in the cities.

Weather and temperature

The difficulty of your Upper Mustang Trek largely depends on the weather and temperature of the time you are trekking in this region. If you are trekking in the autumn and spring season, it is a pleasant trek with beautiful sceneries and the best weather you could wish for.

However, if you are trekking in the summer season, the hot and dry weather will wear you out very soon. You will have to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated if you are trekking in this season.

Also, the winter season is the most difficult season. Guides don’t recommend trekking in this season as it is extremely cold in this season. With all the snow and the cold breezes from the mountains, it is extremely hard for you to trek in this season. the temperature goes below to minus degrees making it hard for you to trek. so choose the time of your trek carefully.

As the Upper Mustang Trek is viable in almost all seasons and is a comparatively easier trek with beautiful sceneries and cultural exposure, I hope you choose to partner with Radiant treks to make it even more memorable with the best facilities and flexible itinerary.

Upper Mustang Trek Best time

Unlike the other famous treks, Upper Mustang is a rain shadow area. This means there will be no rain showers even in the monsoon season. This means you will have no issue of rainfall ruining your plans in this area.

The seasons of Spring and Autumn are considered the Upper Mustang Trek best times. With the flowers blooming and the weather being clear along with clear and sunny skies, spring is one of the most popular seasons for the Upper Mustang Trek. Also, the famous Mustang festival of Mustang, the Tiji festival lies in this season.

The autumn season is also considered one of the best times to visit Upper Mustang. The months of September to November provides you with the best temperature and weather for trekking in the area.

The summer is hot and dry. Being the rainshadow area, there is no rainfall in this region even in the summer. However, it is quite hot and dry and the hot winds blowing make it uneasy for trekking. However, there are no other difficulties and trekking is possible in this season as well.

The winter begins from December to February. The winter months are not really recommended for trekking in this area. The temperature of the Upper Mustang gets extremely cold and goes below a minus degree making people come downhill. Also, the roads are covered in snow and not the best for trekking.

Upper mustang trek cost

The cost of the Upper Mustang Trek starts from USD 1750 for 14 days of this beautiful adventurous journey. The cost of the trek depends on the services you want to utilize.

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Upper Mustang Trek (3810 m)