Where To Stay In Kathmandu? Places To Stay In Kathmandu

Where To Stay In Kathmandu: Kathmandu is a beautiful city that is rich in traditional and cultural resources. This is the capital city of Nepal and a popular tourist destination. Being the capital city, it is more developed than other cities in this country.

As there is only one Tribhuwan International Airport which is situated here. After your arrival in Nepal, Kathmandu is the first city you will be visiting. It is impossible to avoid this city if you are traveling in Nepal. This city is also an ideal holiday destination for travelers.

Travelers usually wonder Where to Stay in Kathmandu. This city offers many amazing hotels making it hard to decide. This city is a tourist area where you will find hotels ranging from 5 stars to basic.

The prices of the hotels vary according to your choice of where you stay. Guesthouses are the most common accommodation found here. They usually charge 5 dollars to 35 dollars per night.

You should know that cheaper hotels are poor in standards. So, if you are not a backpacker you can invest a bit more and stay in a nicer place. We have mentioned a few of the popular places you can stay during your visit to Kathmandu.

Types of Accommodation

You can find various hotels offering different Types of accommodation. Most of the hotels have airport pick up and drop off, wifi, clean rooms, and many more. Mentioned below are types of Accommodation found in Kathmandu:

High-End Hotel

High-End hotels are mostly five stars hotels and resorts. These hotels are expensive in price but have high standards and awesome services. They have generators 24 hours so it won’t affect even if there is no electricity.

Other facilities are hot water available 24/7, swimming pool, ensuite, restaurants, wifi, valet, room service, and many more.

Mid-Range Hotel

Mid-range Hotels are mostly Three stars and below. These hotels have moderate prices offering good facilities. Some facilities are hot water, wifi, ensuite, back-up generator, restaurants, and others. However, it doesn’t have many facilities like high-end hotels.


Budget hotels are a great choice for backpackers. They are cheap in price and have enough facilities to make your stay nice. Some facilities are cable television, restaurants, solar power water, shared rooms, and many more.


Basic hotels are very cheap in price and have very poor standards. But still, they offer a clean room to stay in. They might not have many facilities like other high class or budgeted hotels. However, they offer facilities such as solar power, shared bathroom, wifi, television, etc.

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Where to Stay in Kathmandu

Mentioned below are a few of the places you can stay during your visit to Kathmandu:


Thamel (Whre to stay in kathmandu)

Thamel is a profit-oriented neighborhood which is the main point for the tourism industry. This street has been a hangout place for tourists over the decades. This street gives out a completely different vibe in terms of attitude and culture.

You can see tourists as well as domestics wandering in the streets. This is a center point for clubbing, pubbing, different continental restaurants, etc. If you are someone who loves partying then you will enjoy the nightlife here.

This street also has easy access to various travel agencies. You can rent or buy trekking or mountaineering gears from here. Also, you can find various souvenir shops to buy gifts for your loved ones.


Thamel is one of the hotel’s concentrated areas. You can find various types of accommodation ranging from high to low prices. The standards and facilities depend upon the accommodation you choose.

You can find the best to worst hotels here. Kathmandu Guest House is the oldest and longest-running hotel in this area. Recently, they have refurbished and expanded it.

As Thamel is a tourist hub most of the travelers spend their nights in one of these hotels. You get to meet many fellow travelers, climbers, and trekkers here.


Lazimpat (Whre to stay in kathmandu)

Lazimpat is a residential area that hosts some of the high-end hotels of Kathmandu. This place is quite near to Thamel and Narayanhiti palace. Lazimpat is on the north side about a 15 to 30-minute walk from Thamel.

This area has recently been a prosperous part of the city that offers a hassle-free environment. You can visit various top-class restaurants and cafes serving western and local cuisines.

You will find moving around the city quite easy from here. As it has easy access to buses and taxis. You will find this area quite peaceful compared to Thamel.


Lazimpat hosts hotels ranging from Mid-range to High-end. Some popular hotels in this area are Radisson Hotel, Shankar Hotel, Shangrila Hotel, Hotel Ambassador, and many more. Among them, Shankar Hotel once was the Palace of the Rana Families. While Radisson and Shangrila are a chain of international hotels.

Each hotel offers high standards and facilities such as a swimming pool, hot water, wifi, room service, etc. If you don’t have enough budget for these high-end hotels then you can find mid-range hotels as well. However, there are no budget range hotels in this area.


Boudha (Whre to stay in kathmandu)

Bouddha is home to many Tibetan refugee populations that have been living in this country. This place gives out a different vibe than the other parts of Kathmandu. This place is calm and peaceful. Reaching Thamel takes about 30 to 45 minutes from here.

So, if you are looking for some night out in Thamel then hiring cabs can be expensive. However, you can spend the night in Bouddha and still have the best night out.

Boudha Stupa is the major attraction of this place. During evening time, they light candles on the sides of the stupa. And many locals come for an evening walk during this time.

Sipping coffee from the rooftop restaurants while viewing the beautiful scenarios is quite a moment. You can find various Tibetan goods such as Thanka, Hand Painting, etc. Also, food such as Laping, Thenduk, Pozey, and many more.


If you have enough money to stay in luxurious hotels then Hyatt Regency Hotel is a great option for you. This hotel is about 15 to 20-minute walking distance from the stupa. The facilities provided here are A-one and high standards.

However, if you don’t have much then there are many budget to cheap price hotels as well. They provide proper services and facilities to the travelers.

Freak Street

Freak Street lies in Basantapur near the Kathmandu Durbar Square. During 1960, tourists and hippies usually stayed here. This place was well known for pies and marijuana as it was not illegal during earlier periods.

As time changed, it has now been a major tourist attraction site. You can find many cheap to expensive restaurants here. Also, this is a great place to get piercings and tattoos.


Nowadays, there are not many hotels found in this area as before. However, the ones that are still available fall under the budget category. They give facilities such as wifi, cable television, hot water, etc.

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Final Say

Staying in Kathmandu and finding rooms are not that hard. You can find hotels in every nook and corner of this city. We hope our article on where to stay in Kathmandu was helpful for you.

Among all the places, Thamel is one of the most happening places in this town. This place is crowded with guest houses ranging from high to low prices. We hope your stay in Kathmandu is full of fun and adventure.

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