Gosainkunda Helambu Trek

9 Days

“Nepal is the most popular trekking destination in the world”, there is no doubt in saying this statement. The reason is that Nepal is home to various adventurous and beautiful trekking spots. In this sense, Gosainkunda Helambu Trek is one of them, the popular, beautiful, and adventurous trekking journey.

Gosaikunda Helambu trek situated some 70 k.m away from Kathmandu offers a memorable travel experience. This trek leads through the magnificent trekking routes of the Helambu region to the Gosaikunda Lake. The trek to Gosaikunda via the Helambu region is a quick and better option available in comparison to other routes.

The Gosainkunda Helambu trek journey starts from Sundarijal and moves ahead and crosses several popular settlements and hilltops. Chisopani, Kutumsang, Thadepati, Suryakunda Phedi are the major stops of this trek. Trekkers get to explore the local people and their culture as well.

And the dense and enriched forested trails connect each stop of this trek. Mainly the lush forest of Rhododendron, Oak, Pine, Fir tree makes this adventure more dramatic and enjoyable. Walking just under tree shades is a pleasurable hike.

While in Nepal how can you miss the mountains? Gosaikunda trek via Helambu offers the wide, clear and breathtaking views of Langtang Range, Gaurishankar Range, Annapurna Range, Manaslu Range, Ganesh Himal Range. Surya Peak(5145m) is the best place for this trek to view these mountain views.

Gosaikunda Lake, the most sacred and heard lake of Nepal, is the central attraction of this entire Gosaikunda Lake trek. Situated at an altitude of 4300m, Gosaikunda Lake provides a soul healing view to its visitors. Not only Gosaikunda Lake, the other pristine lakes like Bhairab Kunda, Nag Kunda, Surya Kunda, and Bardha Kunda also touch the footsteps of travelers. The rough and rocky terrain around these lakes provides a unique photo background that is photogenic to eyes and cameras.

To wrap up, Gosainkunda Helambu trek is specially designed for the time-bound but nature lovers. The travelers who like lakes, mountain views, and green trials. Within 9-days, the trekkers will encapsulate the best part of Nepal, i.e. Helambu region and Gosainkunda Lake.

Highlights of Gosainkunda Helambu Trek

  • Trek to the Valley of Glaciers, Gosaikunda valley
  • Visiting the most popular and sacred lake of Nepal, Gosaikunda Lake
  • Walking through the lush forest of Rhododendron, Oak, Pine, and Fir
  • Culture and Lifestyle exploration of diversified tribes of Helambu region
  • Climb the Surya Peak(5145m) for awe-inspiring views of mountains
  • Make dramatic ascend and descend from several hill ridges(Bhanjyang)
  • Pass by the sibling lakes of Gosainkunda Lake like Bhairab Kunda, Nag Kunda, Surya Kunda, and Bardha Kunda

Note: Following itinerary starts from Sundarijal and ends in Dhunche, but we can also start the trek from Dhunche and end in Sundarijal.

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Drive time: 1 hour

Trek time: 4 to 5 hours

Altitude gain: 2300m

The Gosainkunda Helambu trek starts with a 1-hour long jeep ride from Kathmandu to Sundarijal(1350m). Upon the arrival at Sundarijal, we start to move our feet ahead to cross the small but beautiful hydropower station. Then, we entered into the lush forest of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Walking out of the green forest, we will reach a local settlement of Tamangs, Mulkharkha.

Then the trails will make us enter into an oak forest before climbing the Borlung Bhanjyang. And from Borlung Bhanjyang it is a gentle descent till the Chisopani.

Chisopani is a popular hill station near Kathmandu that provides awe-inspiring views of Langtang, Manaslu, Ganesh, Annapurna. We will stay overnight at a lodge in Chisopani.

Trek time: 6 hours

Altitude gain: 2470m

On the second day of Gosainkunda Helambu trek, we will head ahead to reach Kutumsang. First, we will walk down to a meadow area from Chisopani. Then, we will cross Pathi Bhanjyang at first through the forested trails and thereafter Gul Bhanjyang. Pathi Bhanjyang is a village of Brahmin and Chhetri tribes with few shops and lodges. All the way, we will have sightful views of the mountains from the trails.

From Gul Bhanjyang, we will ascend to reach another hill pass(Bhanjyang). This hilltop provides all the views of earlier walked routes straight from the top. After the top, we will descend towards Kutumsang(2470m). The entire day's stretch will be 5 to 6 hours of the walk until Kutumasang. Overnight in Kutumsang.

Trek time: 6 hours

Altitude gain: 3510m

On this day, we will march towards Thadepati(3510m) by following the steep trail to Yurin Dada. Yurin Dada is a view providing ridge from where we can enjoy the broad view of Kutumsang area. And from this ridge, we have to make descend through colourful Rhododendron and Fir forests which finishes at Magen Goth(3,150m)

Next, we will start our final uphill stretch to reach Thadepati before the nightfall.

The climb is not too steep; sometimes up and sometimes down i.e. bumpy trial. Then, it will arrive at a famous hill pass, Thadepati(3510m). Thadepati is a hill stop with few lodges and goths that provides a nice view of surrounding hills and mountains. Thadepati is mostly popular for its view of the entire Langtang range. Overnight at Lodge in Thadepati.

Trek time: 6 hours

Altitude gain: 3520m

Today, we will trek until Phedi, i.e. Suryakunda Phedi(3520m). Phedi is at a distance of 6 hours normal walk from Thadepati. The 6-hour trek will start with the walk into the forest of Rhododendron and Fir trees. These vegetations will enchant us and will make our walk a bit easier. We will make regular entry and exit into tiny and small forests by walking ups and downs. On our way, we will also come across some beautiful flower meadows and chanting steams.

Then we will reach Ghopte, a place with few lodges and houses. After lunch at Ghopte, we will move uphill towards the forest where we will walk above several gorge looking hill edges. And after the hurdle of 6 hours, we will arrive at Phedi. There are countably two lodges to stay, so overnight at one of the lodges in Phedi.

Trek time: 7 hours

Altitude gain: 4620m and 4300m

Today is the most important day of the entire Gosainkunda Helambu trek. Because on this day we will climb up to Gosainkunda Lake via Lauribina La Pass and we know this lake is a central attraction. So, this eventful stretch will start with the uphill climb from Phedi mainly through rough terrains. It is the most demanding period of Gosainkunda Helambu trek so we have to showcase physical stamina here.

After making against all odds, we will reach Surakunda Hilltop, i.e. Lauribina La Pass(4620m). This hilltop provides superb displays of peaks like Rolwaling Peak, Jugal Himal, Langshisha, Gang Chhenpo and several others. The trail after the Lauribina La Pass is downsloping towards the Gosaikunda Lake.

Before going to Gosaikunda Lake, we will walk through the sides of other lakes of this region. Saraswati Kunda, Bhairab Kunda, Nag Kunda are the popular lakes of this region other than legendary Gosainkunda Lake.

Like this way, we will finally arrive at the beautiful and sacred vicinity of Gosaikunda Lake(4300m). Gosaikunda Lake is a pristine lake locked between rocky hills. The view of this lake is so soothing that all our efforts seem worthy here. This lake also holds very high religious importance among Hindus. It is a legend that this lake with several other lakes is created by Lord Shiva. After all of the walks and views, we will settle for an overnight stay at a lodge in Gosaikunda.

Trek time: 4 hours

Altitude gain: 5145m and 4300m

This will another eventful day of Gosainkunda Helambu trek as we will scale the highest point of the trek, i.e. Surya Peak(5145m). For this, we will start to climb through Gosainkunda Lake towards the top. The climb is steep but easy as it takes only 2 hours to reach the top. But the speed can vary with our stamina and pauses during the trek.

After reaching Surya Peak, the highest point of Gosainkunda Helambu trek, we will enjoy the view of the mountain vistas. The eyeshot of Langtang Himal range is easily accessible from the top. Other than Langtang, we can also enjoy other mountain ranges too like Annapurna Range, Manaslu Range, Ganesh Himal Range. We will try to enjoy as many of the views we can and then we will head down to Gosaikunda for the overnight stay. We will do a gentle descent of 2 hours until Gosaikunda.

Trek time: 4 to 5 hours

Altitude gain: 3200m

After another beautiful night at Gosaikunda, it is time to trace back to home. So at first, we will start with the trek to Chandanbari. Just like most of the times of Gosainkunda Helambu trek, this route will also fall through the forest of Rhododendron and Pine. Along the trail, we will enjoy the grand views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Manaslu, etc.

Roaming lost in nature for 5 hours, we will reach the Chandanbari village, the village with several Buddhist monasteries and lodges. Above all, this village is popular for local cheese factories. We will stroll around the streets of this village for the exploration of monasteries. And, our overnight will be at a lodge in Chandanbari.

Trek time: 4 to 5 hours

Altitude gain: 1950m

Leaving past Chandanbari, we will make an easy descend until the forest area. Throughout the descend, we will face some awe-inspiring peaks at distance. Then we will enter into the lush forest of oak, pine and rhododendron. Out of the forest and we walk trails occupied by a lot of marijuana plants until the suspension bridge of Sing Gompa river.

Cross the bridge and we will reach the area of the human settlements. We will leave several villages behind before reaching Dhunche, the headquarter of Rasuwa district. This entire stretch will take 5 hours of easy walk. Overnight at Dhunche before.

Drive time: 6 to 7 hours

Altitude gain: 2300m

Our seven-hour long bus drive to Kathmandu will start early in the morning.

The bus will run over the serpentine Pasang Lhamu Highway. Throughout the drive, we will enjoy some good views of villages, hills, and mountains from the bus window.

After 7 hours of the scenic drive, we will reach Kathmandu. You will get a vehicle transfer to your hotel for the rest. And, the nine-day Gosainkunda Helambu trek ends here at Kathmandu.

Is the Hotel transfer service available upon my arrival in Kathmandu?

Ans: Yes sir we do have hotel transfer service for you. You have to provide your flight details and arrival time so that we can send our team for the pickup.

Do I need to have any prior trek experience for Helambu Gosainkunda trek?

Ans: Gosainkunda Helambu trek is a moderate trek which involves 4 to 5 hours of walk per day. The trekkers with good fitness level can do this trek easily but if you have prior trekking experience then it will be a plus factor for you.

What kind of accommodation facilities are there on Helambu Gosainkunda lake trek?

Ans: The lodges and tea houses provide average kinds of accommodations with clean rooms and comfortable beds. You will get clean blankets and a mattress. However, your personal sleeping bag can come handy incases of uncomfortable and dirty bed sheets.

What kind of food can I expect in the Helambu Gosaikunda trek?

Ans: The lodges along the routes provide very delicious food options. Although you will not find Non-vegetarian items everywhere. You can expect vegetarian food items like Dal Bhat, Noodles, Pasta, Eggs, Bread, Potatoes, Tuna Bakes, Soups etc. You will have your breakfast and Dinner at your overnight lodge and Lunch will be on the lodge of trekking stops during the afternoon.

What are the chances of Hot water shower during the Helambu Gosainkunda trek?

Ans: You’ll get hot shower services throughout the lodges you will be staying. They charge some extra cost for the hot shower facilities around 2$ to 5$.

What kind of drinking water should I expect in Helambu Gosainkunda Lake Trek?

Ans: The lodges/teahouses sell mineral drinking water so you can get it from the lodges. Alternatively, we will serve boiled and clear water throughout the trek. If you can bring water-purification tablets it will be quite easy for you and us also.

Are there charging facilities in the lodges of Gosaikunda Trek?

Ans: Yes, you will get mobile/digital charging facilities throughout the lodges of Helambu Gosainkunda Lake trek. It is beneficial to bring extra batteries for the mobile and cameras. Also, You have to carry charging adapters for each of the electronic devices, there is no guarantee of lodges having the adapters.

What about communication facilities on Helambu Gosainkunda trekking?

Ans: You can have communication facilities via Nepali sim-card phone. Also, you can surf the internet by buying internet packages from Nepali sim-card service providers.

Can I use my debit card/credit card/visa in Helambu Gosaikunda trek?

Answer: No! There are no card machine lounges throughout the trek. These facilities are limited to Kathmandu only so instead of cards you have to carry extra money with yourself.

Is there porter services in Helambu Gosainkunda trek?

Ans: Yes, you can get porter services if you want to pass your load to the porter and want to make the trek easier. The porter charges a fee of 20 to 30$ depending upon your weight. The rate of porters can vary with the number of tourists as well.

How much do I need to walk each day on Helambu Gosainkunda Trek?

Ans: Gosaikunda Helambu trek lies in a hilly part of Nepal which means you have to walk over the regular ups and downs. You will need regular ascends and descends to complete this trek.

On average this trek demands 5 to 6 hours of walk each day but this duration can vary with the altitude and terrain shape. If it’s a normal and easy hill climb then it will take less time to climb it and vice versa. Some of the days will demand more hours of walk and the rest of the days fewer hours of walk

How much extra money do I need to carry per day?

Ans: The money you need to carry on this trek highly depends on your spending habits. If you are a reckless spender, you will need more extra money and if you are a wise spender then you will need less money. But on average, 7 to 10USD each day is enough to cover the daily expenses of trekking like mineral water, chocolates, tea, coffee, bakery items, energy bars and energy drinks.

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Gosainkunda Helambu Trek