Talcha Airport to Rara Lake

Talcha Airport to Rara Lake

Rara lake is the deepest lake in Nepal at an altitude of 2990 meters. The lake is not only famous for the height and the depth but also the peaceful green surrounding it provides the visitors. A perfect destination for camping and admiring the views of the landscapes and the mountains.

Enriched with natural beauty and exotic plants and animals, Rara Lake is placed within protective laws under the Rara National Park. You will require the Rara National Park entry permit in order to explore the Rara Lake.

What is the easiest and most adventurous route from Talcha Airport to Rara Lake?

Well, Talcha airport to Rara Lake trek leaves you with the best views and experience of exploring the Lake. The trek from Talcha Airport to Rara Lake is 3-4 hours filled with beautiful views and landscapes enriched with exotic flora and fauna.

How to get to Talcha Airport?

Getting to Talcha Airport is a long journey depending on your starting point and the mode of transportation. Starting from Kathmandu, you can easily get a flight to Nepalgunj which will take around an hour. But you can also take a bus ride of 8 hours to get to Nepalgunj.

From Nepalgunj, you can get a flight straight to Talcha airport. The flight will take around an hour. The flight from Nepalgunj to Talcha is just as beautiful and scenic.

Talcha to Rara Lake trek is a 3-4 hour trek with photogenic and scenic landscapes surrounding you with exotic flora and fauna along with the best views of the mountains. The short trek is rejuvenating and a great scenic short trek for families and camping at Rara Lake.

Apart from the trek, you can also choose horse-riding to get to Rara Lake from Talcha Airport. This is a unique experience along with being an easy and quick alternative for the trek. You get to enjoy the view without being exhausted.

Talcha Airport to Rara Lake

Wondering what else Rara Lake has to offer you? Apart from the beautiful sparkling water of Rara Lake, there are so many more activities to keep you entertained in the region. One of the famous activities, tourists visit the Rara Lake for is camping.

Other than the camping and camp firing, birdwatching and wildlife viewing is another popular activity in the region. Being home to 51 species of mammals and 214 species of birds, Rara Lake is famous for its biodiversity.

Rara Lake Short Trek

Horse riding and cycling is another thing you can enjoy in the area. As mentioned before, you can enjoy the trip from Talcha Airport to Rara Lake in a short amount of time. However, you can also choose cycling on the bank of the lake renting bikes from the hotel itself.

Boating in the sparkling water of the Rara Lake along with a small hike to Murma Top is a great side activity in the region.

With all these activities along with the great views of the sacred Rara Lake and the landscapes and the mountains, this short trek from Talcha Airport to Rara Lake is a great time to spend with family and friends for a heartwarming memory.

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