Rara Lake Trek

12 Days

Nepal’s most astounding tourist attraction Rara Lake is every bit an unreal ideal place. It’s arguably the most surreal trekking spot one can ever come across to.

The place is a real-time piece of art with heart racing scenery that never gets off the eye. Enclosed by Oak forest and Spruce pass overlooked by picturesque mountains, Rara Lake is a true extravaganza.

It’s one of the few trekking sites in the Himalaya that have boomed just lately. Hikers from all around the globe dash to Mugu to view the scenery of the lake. To now, it’s clearly visible that Travelers have far gone over the magnificence of Rara Lake.

Rich fauna with wilderness is the part of Rara Lake that draws even a self-restrained people. The natural capital Rara Lake spans an area of 108km sq, while lies at an elevation of 2990m. Rara lake lies within a conserved area named Rara National Park which was established in the year 1976.

Hailed for its natural beauty, the lake rests in Jumla and is surrounded by Rara National Park. The highlight of the trek will still be the glistening lake itself and its distinctive flora and fauna.

Highlights of Rara Lake Trek

  • Enlivening flight from Jumla alongside scenic views of mountains and valley
  • Insight into the culture and natural resources of the region
  • All-embracing places with rich flora and fauna
  • Explore the culture and moral standard of Bonpo and Tibetan monks
  • Visit the spectacular Rara Lake and enjoy the scenery around

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Before your flight lands at the Tribhuvan International Airport, our officials will be there waiting for you. After bestowing a warm welcome upon you, they’ll drive you to your respective hotel.

On reaching the hotel, you better freshen up and if possible, have breakfast as well. Till the time you make a pre-trek preparation, we’ll re-check all the arrangements.

A short briefing is all you’ll have before driving to the airport to catch the flight to Nepalgunj. The flight will last 1 hour at most throughout which it takes you high to the Himalayan landscapes and mountains.

After taking down at Nepalgunj Airport, you can either explore the city or rush to your hotel. Stay overnight at Nepalgunj and we’ll head to Uthugaon the later day.

Awakening before dawn in Nepalgunj, you’ll start preparing for your next stop of the trek. Thereupon having breakfast, you’ll board the flight to Jumla at Nepalgunj Airport.

After almost 45 minutes of flight through a breathtaking valley aloft Nepalgunj, you’ll be reaching Jumla. Spending a day at Jumla will give you a fresh start and makes it easy to trek to the lake.

Hence, to make the most of the day, you’ll walk through remote villages of Jumla. On your stop here, you can also seek through the culture and values of local people. Stay the night in a lodge at Jumla.

Get your bag and start walking the trail that heads to Danphe Lagna from Jumla. Here, you’ll take a pathway that walks the main street until you come across a rough trail.

As you start scrambling the trail, it will gently ascend to Sisnamul and pass through a forest. Along the way, you get to notice a scenic view of mountains and a green pasture when reaching Chere.

Scooting from Chere, you’ll gently ascend to Danphe Lagna through grassland and cross the pass. The trail over here has you near still far from the mesmeric Jagdula Himal and Patrasi Himal.

Coming from the beautiful Danphe Lagna, you’ll now begin to descend downhill to Tharamara. The trail here walks through a dense forest to Hiran Duski and sprawls till to Sinja Khola.

Throughout the day, you’ll cross several cantilever bridges as well as walk a wheat field. As you ascend the steep hill, you’ll come to an old-style Tibetan village. Above the village is a stunning valley that climbs down to the Chaura Khola.

Get across the stream and you’ll reach Chautha, a remote village on half-way to Rara Lake. Spend the night at the village and trek to Dhuir the next day.

The trek will be quite strenuous today compared to any other following rocky trails and uphill to walk. Right from the time you start trekking, the trail is rocky narrow which only widens upon reaching Chante.

Just afar the village, you have uphill to climb which leads to Rara Lake National Park at Bhulbhule. They will verify your permit here and have you walk through a route into pastures.

You’re likely to pass a strand of Chortens and cairns atop of Ghurchi Lagna Pass. From the ridge, you’ll be able to view glistening Mugu Karnali river and snow-peaks as well.

After the point, you’ll slowly descend to the junction via Spruce forest and walk along the trail thereafter. Having run out of time, you won’t be able to visit Rara Lake today so instead, rest at Dhuir.

It’s a small village close to the lake that you’ll reach scrambling through pine forests. Stay the night at a lodge in Dhuir.

Finally, here comes the day when you’ll be exploring the spectacular Rara Lake. The trek is short today with you only climbing a steep hill after crossing a stream along the way to Jhyari.

It’s the village with most Thakuri settlements. Leaving the village behind, you’ll continue walking to a meadow via cedar forests that sit atop the ridge.

From here, it’s a short trek to the lake that you’ll be traveling to the northern shore. At the end of the trail, you’ll be gawking at dazzling Rara Lake which is surrounded by lush green forest.

You can bask at the panoramic view of the lake at the shore as long as you want.. But after it’s over, you better return to the tent and spend the night there.

Having traveled so long to arrive at the lake, you deserve to rest for a day. And where could it be better to relax; than the bank of Rara Lake itself.

Hence, on the 7th day of your trek to Rara Lake, you’ll explore mountains sitting atop the lake. You can also search for the unique flora and fauna that’s in excessive numbers in the region.

Abode to rare wild species and birds, Rara Lake can offer you a vision of tons of animals. A few of them that you can notice on your visit here are Musk deer, Himalayan bears, and Red Panda. Sleep well at a tented camp in the spot and prepare to return home tomorrow.

Wake up to the dawn and have your breakfast as it’s 5 hours of trekking today. Far off the western end of the lake, you’ll cross a bridge and start walking a trail.

The walkway will lead you to Majhghatta after following Khatyar Khola. It’s easy to follow the path from here as it climbs downhill to the river and over a log bridge.

Across the bridge, the trail ascends the ridge via pine and spruce forest until reaching Ghurchi Mara. On a clear day, you can easily view snow-covered mountains from here.

Walk down the trail as it enters into the Ghatta Valley and heads towards Gorosingha. Rest the night at a lodge in Gorosingha and return to the trail the later day.

It’s the ninth day of Rara Lake Trek Nepal so you better wake up to the early sunrise of Gorosingha. Have breakfast at the lodge and carry on with the trek following the route that steers to Sinja.

Climbing down the Ghatta Valley and coming after Sinja Khola, you’ll walk through a lush valley. Trek slowly from here and you’ll still reach Sinja Village before time.

On your stay in the village, you can notice the settlements of Brahmin and Chhetri the most here. Overnight stay at a guest house in Sinja.

Time to leave wonderful Sinja and head to Jaljala Chaur. But before going off the village, you can take your time to enjoy the scenery and even have local breakfast.

Getting across the Sinja Khola on a wooden bridge, you’ll begin ascending up till to Dhobi Khola. Along the way, you’ll walk through many classic villages and ample log bridges.

Following that, you’ll hike into and out of a dense forest full of Oaks, Birches, and Pines. On getting through it, you’ll end up at Chala Chaur, a pasture resided by semi nomad. You can also spot horses feeding at the grassland which is also your dwelling for the night.

Seems like you have come almost to the end of trekking to Rara Lake. And yet the strain to pull off Rara Lake Trek doesn’t alleviate.

Today again, you are to climb uphill along the way to the forest and meadow that’s only below the ridge. Proceed to Churi Khola walking the trail and then cross the stream before heading the valley to Chere.

Hike down to Jumla passing through a few remote villages and Sisnamul. Next after winding up the trip at Jumla, you’ll explore the picturesque view of the landscapes here.

For what it looks like an art outside, you’ll go inside and visit the Gompas and Monasteries in Jumla. Too late to continue hiking to Nepalgunj so you’ll stay the night in the lodge at Jumla.

Come back to dig deep through the valley and history of Jumla. But, for now, you better-put stop to the time and instead catch the flight to Nepalgunj.

You’ll be rushing to Jumla airport shortly after having breakfast to fly to Nepalgunj. Your flight to the city will last no more than 45 minutes.

After landing at the airport, you’ll get a short break to have lunch. As soon you’re done having the meal, we’ll fly back to Kathmandu.

Upon taking down in Kathmandu, we’ll drive you to the hotel and even accompany you till to the room. Next, you relax in your room or else take a trip to the city.

Cost Included in the Package

  • Round flight service from Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Jumla-Nepalgunj
  • TIMS Card, Entry fees for Conservation Area and National Park, Trekking permit
  • Private Transportation facility to and fro from Kathmandu
  • Experienced Guide to assist from beginning till to the end of the trek
  • Porter service while in the remote region to carry the luggage.

Cost Excluded from the Package

  • Fares of International Flight
  • Medical bills and travel insurance
  • Personal trekking gears and accessories (Clothing, backpack, trekking poles)
  • Souvenirs and personal expenses of lunch and meals in Kathmandu

Average Cost for Rara Lake Trek

The cost for Rara Lake Trek depends more or less on the package you opt for. So it’s quite hard to come up with one fixed price that is relevant for every trekker and in all circumstances.

Other than that the cost of your trip also rests on how long you want to stay in the country. So basically the more the length of your stay is, the higher it’s going to cost you.

The average price of Rara Lake Trek for each person would still be the US $2590. Following the price paid, you don’t need to bother taking care of your accommodation and other basic things.

In the interest of yours, the travel agent will arrange almost everything including the permits and TIMS card. Other amenities you’d be exposed to with the package includes domestic flight and porter service. Scroll down to more about the items included and preclude from the package.

In the case of Nepalese nationals, the cost of trekking to Rara Lake can be slightly cheaper. Unlike foreign citizens traveling to the conservation areas, Nepalese won’t need Trekking permits.

This will automatically turn down the Rara Lake Cost for Nepali. The price of Rara Lake Trek to Nepalese again depends on their negotiating capability with the travel agent.

Rara Lake Trek from Pokhara

When it comes to Rara Lake Trek, you have ample options to go with. Whether you take a regular flight from Kathmandu or a ride from Pokhara, either way, you can reach the spot.

The latter one is still the most exciting as it has you drive from the beautiful Pokhara City. As likely to be, the ride on the jeep to Rara Lake lasts for about 4-5 days.

Hence, the whole time. you’d be riding along with the scenic view of the Himalayas and gushing streams. Starting from Pokhara, you’ll head towards Nepalgunj on a shuttle jeep while enjoying the lakeside view that comes along the way.

Once you’ve gotten Nepalgunj, the road will steer you to Jumla. But before taking the route to this small village, you can have a short tea break.

In about a 12 hours ride to Jumla, you’ll head to the driveway alongside the hills and mountains. The scenery you can catch from here also includes green pastures and small valleys.

After reaching Jumla, your next stop will be Nagma that you’ll reach in about Annapurna circuit trek cost No different from the splendor of Jumla, Nagma also offers a breathtaking view with dynamic topography.

Following that, you’ll leave for Ghotijiula that takes about 6-7 hours to reach. Although the place is naturally incredible, it sometimes has no access to communication.

From Ghotijiula, it’s a straight 1-hour drive to Rara Lake. Reaching the lake, you can explore the splendid scenery there and look out at the wilderness of the region.

Those who are pushed for time, you have an option to take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. From here, you fly to Talcha Airport and start trekking to Rara Lake that lasts about three days.

Upon flying back to Nepalgunj, you’ll drive to Pokhara instead of catching a flight to Kathmandu. If you’re an adventure enthusiast then take a drive-through Tansen as it proffers marvelous views.

You’ll be perhaps spending a day here to scour the wonderful scenes of the mountain. While staying in Tansen, you can also be seeking the culture and values carried by people.

After this, you’ll drive to Pokhara right away and have a good time there. From Pokhara, it’s back to Kathmandu riding on a jeep.

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